Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hey there Maggie

Overcast, snow expected, high minus 9

Had to take Maggie, our 9 year old Golden Retriever, to the vet this morning. She developed a limp over New Years. We thought maybe Buttercup (the hound from Hell) had tried to eat her. After a day or so it got better, but she still seemed sore. You know dogs, their pain tolerance is almost limitless. But she just didn't seem herself. So off to Dr. Mascale this morning. He found a bump (or bimp, if it was Inspector Clouseau's dog) on her left rear leg. Phew. I was worried it was her hips, which can be a misery for Golden's. So now she's on anti-inflammatory and pain pills. With luck she'll get better fast and I can have a few.

Got back the UK editors notes on revisions to Book 4 (still no title). So far so good. She's very pleased. Now just a little polish here and there. But still waiting for the US notes. I tell you, it never ends. Even when a book is in print I still get proofs from the publishers, for the paperback edition, or a re-issue or something. There have been so many surprises about the publishing industry. One is, how hard the editors work. I always kind of suspected, but they're incredible.

Received a very kind invitation today from a fellow Canadian mystery writer. Robin Harlick lives in the Ottawa area and writes the terrific Meg Harris series, also set in Quebec. So we're sort of sisters, and really enjoy seeing each other, mostly at conferences. She wrote to ask me to headline the Crime Writers of Canada National Crime Writing Week, in Ottawa. The event will be May 29th. We'll just be heading off to Bristol, UK for CrimeFest, but Michael and I really like Robin and adore the CWC and will do just about anything to raise the profile and credibility of Canadian crime writers, so this was a great fit. Just wrote back to say yes, please.

And I'll be doing a conference call with the world's oldest bookstore tomorrow! It's the Moravian Bookstore, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They're reading STILL LIFE and their meeting is tomorrow at 10:30. Looking forward to it. Mary Pat Beebe, who runs their book club meetings, sounds like a dynamo. Actually, I'd love to visit it - can you imagine just being in the store? Mary Pat says it's the world's oldest continuously operating bookstore, founded by the Moravian Church in the 1750's. Incredible. I've never heard of the Moravian Church. I wonder it it's as long lived as the bookstore?

I have a new favorite song. Play it over and over, like a moron. Humming it now. It's 'Hey There Delilah' by the Plain White T's. It's a simple, lovely song. Just a guy and his acoustic guitar singing a love song. Beautiful. Shall I sing it for you?

Michael and I once took singing lessons, but the teacher quit. Really. It was beyond embarrassing. When people tell you anyone can sing, don't believe them.

'Hey there Delilah....'

Speak tomorrow, I hope. 'Don't worry 'bout the distance, I'm right there if you get lonely....'

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