Thursday, 10 January 2008

Hot headgear for heroes. Michael starts a trend

Wind storm past, partly cloudy, high -2

Michael's eye operation went brilliantly! In the Mtl General at 6:30 this morning - operated by 8am, home by 10:30. He had a lens implant in his bad eye, but it's almost exactly the same procedure as a cataract - only backward really. Instead of removing something, the doc put something in.

Michael was very brave but admitted afterwards he barely slept the night before and was very tense. I can imagine! I got him carrot cake from the Bistro on Greene Ave and a cappuccino, he had a nap and now he's a lot better.

He's wearing what looks like an athletic support on his face - confirming what most women already suspect about men and their brains. Not many men, actually, could carry off this look, but he looks quite dashing. He also looks, slightly as though she's turning into Jeff Goldbloom from The Fly. But don't tell him that.

So we're both relieved.

And we both want to thank Linda L. Richards for her wonderful, and fun, blog that sustained the site this week. And congratulate her again on the US publication of DEATH WAS THE OTHER WOMAN. Well done, you.

We're staying in Montreal until Monday. Storm coming in tonight (snow and freezing rain) and doc Cohen wants to see The Big Guy tomorrow morning at 6:30 (again!!! what is it with these eye doctors - can't they tell time???) then again on Monday - probably at midnight. Still, we adore Montreal. Even with an eye patch (or cup) on one eye it's a fantastic city.

Am making (read 'ordering') dinner now. Michael gets to choose his special sick boy meal. Chicken wings and pizza - and Live Free or Die Hard on the DVD.

He's feeling better.

Take care, and I hope to blog tomorrow with other news. Hope you're well.

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Linda L. Richards said...

Glad to hear Michael's day in Montreal went well. And thanks again for allowing my visit. It was lots of fun!