Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Year in Writing

Rain and mild, highs 10 degrees

I've had so many wonderufl comments about the blog. A number of people have commented that they hope I'm not neglecting my writing in favour of the 'nicely turned ankle' of the blog. Of course, I know they're kidding, since we all know the books are a priority.

But - I thought I'd just let you know a little about my writing year.

I'm scheming the next book right now. The fourth book is set in a remote former hunting lodge on the shores of a Quebec lake. The lodge has been turned into a luxury Auberge, Manoir Bellechasse, and Gamache and Reine-Marie are there celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Until something very bad happens. You might be able to guess what.

This is a direct wink at, and homage to, the hermetic mysteries if the Christie era - ala 'And Then There Were None.' Of course, Gamache et al must visit Three Pines a few times!

I write the first drafts beginning every January - try to write 1,000 words a day. It generally takes me four months to write the first draft. Somehwere in there I take a couple of weeks to do a US tour to promote the last book.

In 2008 I'm going to Ann Arbor, Phoenix, Houston and a couple of other cities in mid-March.

Once back I finish the first draft (sometime in May generally) then set it aside for a couple of weeks (and get caught up on all the stuff that I've ignored for four months!) Then, over the course of the spring/early summer, I edit and do three or four new drafts, each more finely tuned.

By the beginning of the summer it's ready to be read. By Michael, and my brother Doug and a good friend, Susan.

Then it's off to the redoubtable Teresa Chris, my agent in London. At about this time a kind of reverse miracle occurs and I become convinced the book is crap.

I try to take the summers off to re-coup my senses.

From September to December I tour Canada, the US, the Commonwealth, etc with the books. I love that. Such incredible fun meeting people who've read the books. Or want to.

I try to take December off - then we're at it again.

Must fly. Am speaking to the Canadian Club in Sherbrooke tomorrow, so Michael and I have decided to take a few days at our favorite Inn - Manoir Hovey (upon which Manoir Bellechasse is loosely based).

Take care and speak tomorrow -

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