Friday, 30 November 2007

I'll take a gallon of waterbury spa spray misty morning

Beautiful day - sunny and cold highs minus 4

I'm dashing off to Montreal this morning. Michael and I have kept a small apartment there and I'll stay the night then catch a train to Toronto for Sunday's books and high tea event. Was planning to grab a shower here in the country before going into the city, since last time we were there (last week) the hot water had been turned off. For 5 days. Leading up to and including the huge Books and Breakfast event at the Omni hotel in Montreal. for three months I was terrified I'd stink at the event - did everything in my power to prevent it - then that happens. I did stink.

But today once again my best plans have been waylaid. No shower. Instead at the crack of dawn I was at the construction place with a gallon of paint, trying to change the colour slightly. For the new bathroom. yes, Gary is still there. Everything is almost done....just need to paint. But every colour I choose is worse than the last. Gary dabs it on, the three of us step back, and play a game of chicken to see who'll be the first to say, 'Yech'.

The wall is now polka dotted, in an interesting effect I've never actually seen on HGTV. Late yesterday I brought home yet another sample. with amazement we all watched as it went on and disappeared. No sign of it at all on the wall. We leaned in, leaned out. Rubbed our chins. Nothing.

'I think maybe just a shade darker might work,' said Gary.

'You think?' Michael asked.

We all nodded.

So no shower this ayem, instead I got the paint. Whizzed back home, gave it to Gary, who put it on the wall. We said a little paint prayer - actually it was more of a paint swear.

And waited.

Loe and behold - it appeared...a fantastic aqua kind of sea mist, spring peat in a high meadow whatever colour. Thats going to be my next job - naming paint colours. An adjunct to crime fiction.

Whatever it was called - it's I'm rushing off.

Be well - and I'll write when I find work. I promise.

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