Monday, 12 November 2007

Ruth is not quite ready for her close-up

Clouding over, rain or freezing rain in evening, 6 celcius

Heading in to Montreal again to see Michael's eye doctor. Hoping the pressure is stable or down.

Woke up to an email from London saying the audio and large print rights for The Cruellest Month have been sold. Great news. When STILL LIFE first came out and the audio rights sold I wondered how large that market was. Actually, I assumed it was miniscule. Now I realize it's huge.

I tried listening to STILL LIFE on tape. In fact, when it arrived I was so excited my hands shook as I ripped open the packaging. Slipped the disk into the car stereo and listened for the first page. Then shut if off and haven't listened to another second. Of any of the books. Apparently the two men (Adam Sims for the British and Ralph Cosham for the American version) are terrific. Thank God. But they're just not the voice in my head. It actually unsettled me, hearing Clara and Jane speaking. Not sure what I'll do if the books are ever made into a series or a movie.

We actually just turned down a TV series, since the production company (understandably) wanted to buy the rights to the characters and we weren't quite prepared to do that. Not sure if my 'artistic integrety' would have withstood adding another '0' to the offer. Fun to test it, though.

We're off - hope this finds you well - and I'll give you an update tomorrow.

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Reen said...

I'm sure you will never read this comment, since you posted this blog entry in 2007! I have only recently discovered your books, however. In fact I've only just finished A Fatal Grace . I never would have read any of your books had it not been for the audio versions. I love the rhythm in Ralph Cosham's reading (sounds like my pépère). I am so glad now to be able to read a little on my own with my special book stand, because I see things that I could not see through the interpretive reading, as much as I love it. So, I think I understand a tiny bit about what you mean- but not fully, of course. Anyway... thank you, again.