Thursday, 8 November 2007

Grout? Epoxy? Apoplexy?

Partly cloudy, high 3 celcius

Great news from Michael's eye doctor. Everything looks great. What a huge relief! The pressure is up slightly (which is what causes damage to the optic nerve) so he wants to see Michael (and me, since I know the doc values my consultations) on Monday. Dr. Cohen let me look through his microscope at the eye. Fantastic.

Michael pointed out that I've now been allowed - by various doctors - to peer into his ears and his eyes. Michael get's a little nervous now when the rubber gloves and baster appear. That's next.

It's another day of chores - we're having renovations done so I need to get some sort of special glue for the tiles. I've noticed that our contractor, Gary, values my consultations at least as much as Dr. Cohen. It is a sign of respect and admiration when they roll their eyes, isn't it? Anyway, he's solved his problem by sending me all over the countryside asking for things with names I'm sure Gary's made up.

Then it's dinner tonight with two of our favorite people - Kirk and Walter. Neighbors down the road. Some locals think I modelled Olivier on Kirk and I suppose in a very general sense I did. I put all sorts of people I love into the village, and then gave them some qualities I adore in them, and some qualities I needed for dramatic purpose. Kirk runs a fantastic antique shop in Knowlton called Antiquites Lawrence and is also an interior designer with another mutual friend and artist Jane Walker. So there are some similarities. Though Kirk would never ever run a Bistro. He loves food but hates to cook. He leaves that to Walter - who is gentle and quiet and kind and very thoughtful. So we're really looking forward to dinner - see pix of their vacation in Provence and have a wonderful Walter meal. If you've read the books you know the sort of delight we're in for!

Lots to celebrate. Hope you're well too and I'll see you tomorrow.


Leslye said...

Good morning, Louise:

Such good news about Michael's eyes. I admire his ability to stay in the present, since I, like you, tend to imagine every disasterous thing that could happen. I imagine everyone has a fear of blindness.. but there's a fear to put aside and add to the things I worry about for no real reason.

We will be spending time this weekend with 2 of our favourite people, too, good friends who attended our wedding 30 years ago. We are looking forward to the break in routine.

Thanks for setting up your blog, Louise. I have astounded my adult techno-whiz son by telling him that I have finally figured out how to participate.

What are you reading these days?


EMaria said...

Louise it is exciting that you have started a blog. I am glad to hear that the pressure on Michael's eyes is alittle better.

I have just finished "A fatal Grace" on cd audio (USA) and I hate that I have to wait until March of 2008 to continue on with what Nicole is up to; what will happen with Armand Gamache's career and who the person of betrayal is; and what the wonderful people of Three Pines are up to. It was a nice introduction to his wife in the 2nd book and looking forward to reading more about her.
I cried of course when I read about (sorry can't think of her name) how she goes out to sit on the bench at 5:00 as that is where she buried her dog; that she had to shoot.

Also wanted to comment that I am not sure who selects the narrator of audio books but Ralph Cosham is indeed a narrator that makes the pages of your book come so alive that if I have to stop listening I feel I have left a circle of friends and can not wait to get back to hear more about what they are up to. I hope that he will continue on narrating all of your books.

I am so glad that you won the awards as they are very well deserved; and I am glad that for whatever the reason you waited to write about Three Pines that you finally did.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Leslye,

How wonderful to have friends who go back that long! Enjoy the meal.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Emaria,

What a lovely name you have - and glad to hear Ralph is a good choice. I started listening to him reading STILL LIFE a while ago and had to stop since it wasn't quite the voice I hear in my head. No one's is. Thanks for being such a supporter - and Michael really appreciates you, and Leslye's kind thoughts. As do I.


Iden Pierce Ford said...

Dear Lousie too much text, not enough photos!! Get Michael a camera.
PS why aren't you writing fiction instead of this?? (heh heh)

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Iben,

GREAT to hear from you! And you photog husbands are all the same - image over substance! Ha.

Love to you and Maureen - and welcome home. And - if you subscribe to the newsletter you might just get a photo of Michael.