Monday, 5 November 2007

But will it kill the roses?

Well, a new day has dawned here at the military/industrial complex that is my writing career. We've hired someone to help us! Lise Page started today - she actually arrived before us, and is busy putting order into two years of stuff simply dumped into the back room at our office. As a welcome gift we got her a small box of hand-made Belgium chocolates from Muriel's Maison du Chocolate next door - and a little something we picked up for her at the Museum of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia. In the summer Lise is a magnificent gardener and helps us with our perennial beds. So when we saw some brilliantly coloured rubber vases for flowers at the museum we snapped a few up. They're very fun and playful - and they collapse down to nothing - a perfect gift for travelers!

However, it was only as Michael and I were in the car driving over we both looked at the thing - a neon green - and blanched.

'Does this look like something to you?' Michael asked.
'Something not a vase?'
He nodded and held it up. 'I looks like a urinal.'

Dear God, it does. And it might even be one. We bought our very first employee a 'welcome to the job' urinal. We might not win Employers of the Month for November. If only we'd thought to steal an airsick bag from BA we could have given her that for Christmas.

The lime green urinal gift might explain all the thumping we're now hearing from next door.

I'm off to speak to the Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley in about an hour. It's a noon meeting and while most of my events have been considerable distance from home, this is just down the road at the Auberge West Brome - right across the street from the feed store where we plan to get our dogs some food later. Perhaps we can pick up a little something for Lise too. A leghold trap maybe.

Speak to you tomorrow - be well.

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