Thursday, 15 November 2007

Was that the noise of an angry sheep?

Rain, snow, sleet, frogs, chickens, dinosaurs - yech

Dreadful weather. But we're at Hovey Manor, overlooking the slightly snow-obscured lake. The fireplace on - have eaten a breakfast of crepes and local maple syrup with fresh smoked bacon and strong coffee. Yum.

I want to stay. By the fire. Reading. I'm so tired.

But it's off to Sherbrooke to speak to the Canadian Club. That's about a 45 minute drive. Not too bad. And I need to remember what a real honour it is to be asked. And people are driving through the same c**p to hear me speak. And I could be going to have root canal done. Or a permanent. Or forced to buy more microban.

There - that feels better. I think part of my laziness is that Michael gets to stay behind and 'guard Hovey', as he says. 'Making sure it's still here for you.'

Lovely man.

When I get back mid afternoon Tim Belford is coming over to Hovey to have High Tea with us. He's the host of Quebec AM - the CBC Radio morning show in Quebec City. He lives nearby and is a wonderful guy. Very funny. Loves wine. And sheep. Ooops - maybe I shouldn't have said that. He'll be interviewing me for his show - but mostly the three of us will yak and get caught up. I used to host the show he's doing - and doing it so much better than I ever did. One of my big innovations for Quebec AM was a segment called 'Name That Noise.'

Yes - I was that good.

Well, I'm off. You know, I have to say I'm enjoying this blog. Keep well. 10 centimetres of snow on the way for tomorrow - we might be snowed in to Hovey! Here's hoping. I'll let you know tomorrow.


Hilary said...

Don't know if this is in the realm of a blog (what is blog etiquette?), but since you talked about your writing year, I wonder:

Are you a planner or what they call an"organic writer?"

Does your first draft still have holes in the plot,structuring to do, slashing and moving scenes around?

What is the biggest change you've made in a manuscript between first draft and second -- or last, for that matter.

This is beginning to sound like an essay exam at McGill University. Sorry. I'd be interested to know some of these things -- but only if you care to discuss.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Hilary,

Wonderful questions - and I'm enjoying your comments.

briefly - I'm less of a planner now than the first couple of books - I still know who did it, how and why - and I know some of the main new characters. but I want to leave space for inspiration too.

the first drafts are often too long, so it's more a matter of whittling them down, and letting the theme of the books come out. but I often also have to go back and salt new clues in too.

In terms of major changes, I tossed out the entire first draft of DEAD COLD/A FATAL GRACE. It just wasn't right. Then I also thre out my internal critic and tried to let the creative me write the book. as a result I was a lot looser, it was more fun, and a much better book. I think. Anyway, I really love DEAD COLD now - despite, or perhaps because it was so difficult.

Thanks for writing - and keep asking!

Hilary said...

Thanks for the response. It's very helpful to know these things. In a way, it gives permission to throw out a whole draft, if need be. What courage!

Rachel said...

perhaps you can relaunch 'name that noise' right here on your blog. it might require a bit of sophistication in the technology department but i think that sound absolutely hilarious!