Saturday, 10 November 2007

Read, AIM, fire!

Well, this is exciting. Have been battling - with Jill's help - to get onto a thing called AIM - which I'm sure most of you had heard of but it might as well be Mars for me. Poor Jill - so patient, asking me to find various button to click on and I couldn't find ANYTHING!!!

anyway, great news - got on - finally. Have no idea why I wasn't on - and no idea how I got on!

Tomorrow I want to tell you all about the Crime Writers of Canada and the Arthur Ellis award news - if you're a crime writers in Canada, please check out the CWC website.

Must fly - have to be on line soon - and now I'm afraid 'Mars' has disappeared again!

Pray for me. Strange how stressful this is!

Speak tomorrow.

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