Saturday, 9 June 2012

Suprised by Joy

sunny, mild, temps 20

Perfect day, after more torrential rains last night - with hail!

Wanted to show you our lupins. The bench was a gift to Michael from me a few years ago - for his birthday. There's a plaque on it with his name, and birthday, and the inscription, 'Surprised by Joy'.

And how could we not be?

Life continues busy - took publicity shots with Gary the other day. always fun with him. He relaxes me - such an old and good friend. Cheryl, his wife, is one of my best friends. Had breakfast with her on Friday morning.

I'm back in to Montreal, leaving Michael out here with Trudy....I really find myself so distracted here...perhaps too much beauty. But I want to totally focus on the end of this book....another push. (It really is beginning to sound a bit like childbirth - )

So exciting to know we're getting closer and closer to the Aug 28th launch of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! They're still working on the tour schedule....but as soon as I know it, I'll tell you.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

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Ann from Boston said...

Hello Louise,
So nice to be reading your blogs (as always). The Lupines remind me of my summers on my uncle's farm on PEI. They grow wild all over PEI. I waited to request "The Beautiful Mystery" at my library in Boston and I am 29th on the list!! Great for you. I am so happy that so many of my neighbors read your books but sad for me to have to wait so long. I think I will have to get it on Kindle.

Can hardly wait to read it.