Wednesday, 6 June 2012

meandering and mumbling

mainly sunny, mild, temps 20

Lovely walk again yesterday....back to Victoria Ave.  I try to stroll, not march - but I think I'm a marching/mumbling type of person.  I will make a great neighbourhood crank one day...soon.  Meandering around humming Eminem songs and talking to myself about what needs to happen next.  Occasionally having arguments with invisible people.  It's nice to have an aspiration.  Happily, I have the wardrobe for it already.

Getting closer to "the end" of the book.

I feel as though, with this manuscript, I've turned the final corner. The end is still a distance away, but now in sight. But, as those of you who've been through this with me with previous books know, the end is fluid. Always seems to be moving away. I'll think one more day should do it - but after a day, it remains just out of reach. I'm not one day away, I know that - but perhaps two weeks.

My goal is to be finished this first draft by the end of June. I'm very goal-oriented. Doesn't mean i hit the goal, but I find it helps give me direction - something to aim for. Discipline and purpose - two things I've found helpful in writing books. Perhaps because I'm so innately lazy. I work ferociously hard, so that I can do nothing.  have more time more meandering and mumbling.

Hope you're enjoying your day!


Elizabeth said...

I take a walk every day, too. I rarely talk to myself though because I am listing to an audio book on my MP3 player. Right now I am thoroughly absorbed in your book Bury Your Dead. I am patiently waiting to hear what happens to Olivia (hope that is the spelling!) I listen to your books but haven't read any.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise. Besides writing wonderful books, I would like to give you heartfelt thanks for all the lovely letters you find time to write to your readers. How do you do it?!! You are so earnest in your endeavor to keep us all "in the loop "
Your enthusiasm when you know you have your writing going well, is infectious. Just know that I am just one person who deeply appreciates your time spent away from writing to let us into your personal space. Thankyou.!

Clara Castear said...

"Hi Clara! I'm LOVING Louise Penny! I'm in her second book, which is even better than the first!
Thank you so much." This is a note from a friend to whom I recommended your books.
Clara Castelar