Thursday, 6 September 2012

Number 2 on the Times List!!!

Overcast - warm - temps 85

Now in Atlanta....wonderful event last night at FoxTale books. This is just part of the fun to see you all there!

Got the most amazing news last night!!!

Andy martin, the publisher of Minotaur books called. He had Hope Dellon my editor, and Sarah Melnyk, the publicity manager at Minotaur in the office with him.

My flight from Houston had just arrived....and I was in the car with Gail, who was driving me in Atlanta...and Andy told me...

'You made it to number 2!'.

I thought I'd mis-heard. I knew the New York times bestseller list was being sent - way before hand - to the publishers I was on pins and needles. Gnawing my nails. Literally.
Last year we were all stunned that A TRICK OF THE LIGHT made it to number 4 on the list. Blew us away. I was beyond thrilled.

But I have to say - the competition this year was and is even more fierce. We were all prepared to perhaps not make the top 10. So when Andy called and said...

It's number 2 - well....I screamed.. Poor Gail must have thought she was trapped in her car with a mad woman. And I was - insane with joy. Wow.  Now, I have to say, this is the list that will appear the week of Sept - not this weekend, but next.

And I know this is because of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! you've filled my heart with such happiness. Thank you for buying the books, and for telling so many others about it!!!

this is definitely a team effort....Minotaur books and the amazing people there, and the really remarkable work, from the editing of Hope Dellon, to Andy's leadership and marketing, to the social media campaign of Jeanne-marie, Paul, Lauren - to David's amazing cover design....and Sarah, the wonderful Sarah Melnyk - who headed up the publicity and organized the tour, with Melissa's help.

And, of course - My Assistant Lise. Thank you so much, Lise!!!

And Michael - dear one.

But finally, it comes down to you. We could do all sorts of great work, but if you didn't support the Gamache books, and keep him alive by spreading the word....well, not only would the series not exist - but this glorious day would not have happened.

Thank you!!!!

Now - off to New York City - and then driving to Madison, Connecticut for an event tonight at RJ Julia. and more celebrating!

What a time!


Anonymous said...

Great Louise, you have arrived again!

What else to say? Time to go and get the book.

Save travels and see you in Montreal.

VT said...

Bravo Bravo Louise!!!

Quelle bonne nouvelle no 2 Wow!

Au fond je ne suis pas si surprise.
Vous écrivez d'une si belle manière... Votre écriture fait vivre vos personnages qui deviennent pour nous lecteurs de véritables voisins et amis...

Au plaisir et toutes mes félicitations!


Jeanine Cronin said...

Congratulations! We share your joy.

danielle-momo said...


So glad for you ...

Anonymous said...

I so LOVE your books, thank you for getting past the first 5 yrs.
Could you post the other pictures of the Woodstock, Foxtales Book Signing? I want to prove I really was there.

DebC said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to read it. I'm on vacation the beginning of October and I'm saving it up.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to start ch 28 and I've been trying to just ignore or find literary reasons for the swear words in this book. The character Beauvoir in particular can't seem to say a sentence w/out the 'f' word. I find
it distracting and disappointing because one reason I always liked this series of books is that it didn't have swear words in it....well maybe an occasional 'merde'. I suppose I'll finish reading it, and I suppose I'm in the minority, but there is not as much enjoyment in this one for me.

Anonymous said...


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