Friday, 12 October 2012


Sunny, cold - frost warning - temps 5

Wow - how the season's change.  Autumn is here - and the leaves are falling...snow in high elevations.

And the film of Still Life has started - last week!  Stanbridge East, in the Eastern Townships, is standing in for Three Pines.

of course, the big question has been - who'll play Gamache- and we can now tell you - it's Nathaniel Parker.  I'm thrilled....I know he played Inspector Lynley, but that was quite a few years ago, and Gamache is a different character.... I think Mr. Parker's a fabulous actor, and that's what we were looking for.  someone who could bring the characteristics, the essence, of Gamache alive.

Very exciting to be on the set - and also a little nauseating.  thrilling to see the characters walking around...upsetting to see them take on lives independent of me.  Gosh, it's difficult.  But rewarding.

The film is being produced for CBC television, but will also be seen around the world, including the UK and US....but no channels decided on yet.  I'll tell you air dates and channels as soon as I know them.

Michael and I are off to the set again tomorrow....they've now moved to the indoor scenes.  tomorrow they're shooting in Terrebonne - and Ralph cosham is coming up from Washington, to be in a scene.  Ralph is the amazing narrator of the audio books!!!  Can hardly wait to see the two Gamache's together.

Working on the third draft of Book 9 - halfway through.  Hoping to be finished this draft before we leave for Vancouver International Writers Festival on Oct 18th.  I quite like third drafts....much, much easier than 1st or 2nd.  Less fear....and my mistakes are fewer, and more obvious.  Easier to fix.  As you can imagine, this book is quite complex...lots of plot lines to bring together, and the key is to appear to do it effortlessly.