Sunday, 2 September 2012

Book Passage

heavy fog, temps 65

San Francisco....unseasonably cool.  Yesterday it hit about 65.  Warmer today, I understanding.

Event last night at Book Passage in Corte Madera was wonderful! About 200 people (seating for 180, but it was SRO).

The bookstore people were wonderful - and of course, thank you to those of you who came out! I so enjoyed the event.

It was also very fun driving over the Golden Gate Bridge - though as someone not fond of heights, my heart thudded, especially when the car stopped in heavy traffic and we inched along. Ugh. But I did manage a few peeks!

Flying to Phoenix today(if fog lifts)  - event tomorrow 5pm at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.

How're you holding up???  This tour has been hard work, but so much fun....the reward and treat for all those months and months working alone.  Then working with my great editors and publishers....with the publicists Sarah....and now this!

Thank you for telling others about the books too!  You're very fun to travel with.


jillybean said...

Finished The Beautiful Mystery a few minutes ago. Tears streaming down my face, I'm drained, heartbroken, but oddly not without hope.

You took us on quite a journey Louise. I don't know how I'll manage until you next book. [sigh]

martha said...

Dear Louise,
Absolutely wonderful to see you at Book Passage yesterday! You are so very funny in person-what a comedienne! I hadn't expected that for some reason, although certainly there are moments of wit and humor throughout your books. Looking forward so much to reading the Beautiful Mystery, have only been able to read one chapter so far but am already enthralled. Happy travels on the rest of your tour, and please come back to Book Passage any time!

Martha Jackson

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise,
I was looking for a new mystery writer and discovered "The Beautiful Mystery", which I loved. I then read "The Brutal Telling" and am now reading "A Trick of the Light." I am completly hooked on your works. They have everything I like in a mystery. Please keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Best Wishes,

Joyce Gallagher
Mission Viejo, CA

slingsandarrows said...

almist here, the long way home! all this time later beautiful mystery haunts and enchants me. i have been very worried about gamache and beauvoir! they are so alive in my mind. thank you for so beautifully
pointing out the terrible beauty of or world so maderfully.

suzanne harthcock.

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