Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Heading home!

sunny, warm, temps 25

Unbelievably mild here in Winnipeg.

It's a city I adore. As the publisher's rep, Rorie, and I discussed as we drove around the city yesterday, it's a city that's great to live in, but perhaps not to visit. A casual visitor might not really appreciate the true beauty of Winnipeg. All the trees and parks and rivers - the wonderful restaurants, the deep cultural and creative history. It is a wonderfully diverse city too - immigrants a century ago from Iceland, Eastern Europe and many other countries have made this an exciting place to live. I know - this probably comes as a surprise to many Canadian, who view Winnipeg as a bump on the flat prairies. But it's a great place. And the birthplace of social democracy in Canada, with tommy douglas and the CCF. And all sorts of social movement.

I lived here for a few years in the mid-80's....and it was so great visiting with many old friends. Had breakfast yesterday with Janet - who gave me a necklace she'd made - inspired by A Trick of the Light. How lovely is that?

Then Rorie and I drove all over winnipeg signing books.

Then had dinner with a woman who started as my producer on CBC Radio, a million years ago - and grew into one of my closest friends in the world...Pat. And met her fiance Don. And she surprised me by inviting another mutual friend - a contributor to the show we did together...Paul Walsh, and his wife Beryl.

It was absoltuely be surrounded by such great friends. Some of whom I hadn't seen in almost 30 years.

Then the event at McNally Robinson - one of the great independent bookstores in Canada. the photo doesn't do it justice. The event was t 8pm in the restaurant (closed for the event)...150 people. More chairs brought in. People on the balcony above. it was an absolutely wonderful way to end the Canadian leg of my tour!

Today am flying back to Montreal. Ahhh.... was hoping to have tomorrow to recover, but need to do a photo shoot for L'actualite Magazine in Quebec (our Time Magazine) tomorrow. Then off to North Conway, NH for an event at White Birch books Friday night -7pm. The last event of an eventful book tour!!! Wow.

Though I will be doing a small reading and signing at the library in Sutton at 2pm on Saturday - as part of the village';s celebration of the written word.

Almost home.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Parade Magazine

overcast, showers, cool, temps 15

What a change - the rains have arrived....but I have to say, the ferry across from Victoria to Vancouver was magicial this morning. As you can see. that was my office. Wow. Totally seduced by British Columbia. I remember so well and so fondly our visit to Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast of BC, for their literary festival a year ago. Beautiful.

The event at Bolen Books last night was amazing. 120 people - Standing room only. Felt like a gathering of friends. I so appreciate the atmosphere you all create. Thank you. Stimulating, but relaxing at the same time. Like a great conversation with a thoughtful friend. (you being the thoughtful friend) You can see the photo.

Then Lorna got me to the bus this morning for the 7:45 departure to the ferry....then the hour and a half crossing...then Jamie, of Raincoast books met me and now I'm in a hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Had a 2pm event at Chapters on Granville Ave in Vancouver....lots of people out....that's the other photo (bet that wasn't helpful). I've come to really enjoy it when I'm joined onstage by an interviewer. Far easier, frankly, for me. And I think for the audience...more dynamic than me alone yakking away at you. Today Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit interviewed me. She's famous as being 'Yoyomama'. About four years ago she set up the website and newsletter, to communicate with other mothers....and it's taken off. But the publishers found out that she reads the books, so they asked her to join me and we had a wonderful conversation on stage.

And loved seeing so many of you out as well. Also packed...more people than chairs. Yay! Always a great thing.

But did you hear the wonderful news??? Parade Magazine in the US named A TRICK OF THE LIGHT their Book Pick of the Week! Parade is a terrific magazine that is inserted into millions of Sunday newspapers across the United States. Has 33 million readers.

How wonderful is that?!

I can't begin to find the words to describe how wonderful this is....all of this. Happily, I know you know exactly how I feel.

Must run off - dinner tonight with the publisher. Then flying to Winnipeg tomorrow.

Speak soon!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Walper Hotel - terrific

overcast, cool, temps 16

Am now in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia. What a wonderful life - it still amazes me that I can wake up Friday in Kitchener, Ontario and have dinner in Victoria, British columbia.

Have never been to Victoria before, but heard so many wonderful things. It's a place many, many Canadians are drawn to not only for it's beauty, but it's one of the most temperate places in the country. Hardly any snow. But apparently quite a bit of rain and mist. You can see the photo I took from the balcony of my hotel room this morning. I woke up early - jet lag...3 hour time difference - and took a coffee out onto the lounge chair - and breathed in the fresh, sea air. heard the sea gulls....but had to take it on faith there was any water out there. But by 10am the mist had burned off and the other photo shows you what I now see. (not the crowd of people, thank God - but the harbour).

That crowd of beautiful people is from the University of Waterloo event the night before. Held in the auditorium. Standing room only. Always a relief to see that! And everyone was so jovial and welcoming. We had a great time. At least, I did. Then spent an hour or so signing books - then back to the hotel and sleep....then caught a five hour flight here.

Speaking of hotel - I was wrong about the Walper Hotel in Kitchener, in an earlier post. Wrong on two fronts. After staying there for four nights I can tell you it's a lovely place. Great decor, terrific and helpful staff...and a responsive management. yesterday morning, upon hearing that I was yearning for coffee in the morning, they arranged for the front desk person to bring me a wonderful bowl of cafe latte when I woke up.

Deeply impressive. I had a chance to meet the manager and owner - Michael - and thank him personally. He's newly taken over and has done many things already. Not only renovating the place (which I know from our own modest renos going on now) is not small thing - but he's also hugely supportive of the arts in the community - writing, painting, theatre. And he's started a school in Uganda, and an education project. He gives a dollar a day for every guest to the project. It might not sound like much, but it adds up fast and goes a long way in the lives of these boys and girls. Especially when Michael could use the money himself, I'm sure.

but I was wrong on another front. I should never have criticised in such a public forum. And I'm very sorry I did. you know, I sometimes read reviews on various sites of my books - and am appauled and amazed at the rancor of some people. I can see not liking the books, but do you really have to make it almost a personal crusade to tell everyone? And to sometimes be just mean?

I did that with the Walper, after just a few hours...and all because I didn't get a cup of coffee in my room. I don't feel very good about that now. It's quite humbling to criticize others for being petty - and not recognize it in myself.

So to Michael von Teichman and the men and women who work at the Walper - I'm so sorry. It was wrong of me to do that. You have a terrific hotel - that manages to be more than bricks and mortar, but a place of soul. and spirit. And caring. And you deserve every success. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Here I am now on the Pacific coast of an hour or so the sales rep will show up and take me around to sign books at various stores. Then there's an event tonight at 7pm at Bolens books. Hope you can make it.

Tomorrow I head - by ferry - to Vancouver and a 2pm event at Chapters on Granville st. Hosted by AnnMarie Tempelman-Kluit - aka yoyomama. she has a terrific website geared to moms - and a part of that is about books. So looking forward to meeting her! And, I hope, meeting you at Chapters tomorrow.

Now, back to the lounge chair and the sea gulls.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Misplaced vanity

mainly sunny, temps 20

Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario. Kitchener was called Berlin, until the first world war, when they decided to change the name. But what they couldn't change, thank God, was the make-up of the population. Huge German population. Can't tell you how this has enriched the area. With their culture and food and festivals. And the sense of community. Oktoberfest is massive here.

Kitchener had been very industrial - until the last few years when everything collapsed. But they seem to have quite remarkable leadership - on so many levels....and quickly turned and are now a centre of intellectual excellence, with schools, think-tanks. This is the home of Research in Motion (RIM) - the creators of the Blackberry. (thank God I use a blackberry - and LOVE it). It's astonishing. And a massive thrust, of course, to education and that people who had worked in the auto industry are now working high tech jobs. Schools are opening, new libraries are opening. but at the same time there's a vigorous rural and farm community. Family farms. A amazing farmer markets where you can see men and women on their Blackberries standing beside a Mennonite horse and buggy.

It is an astonishing community.

I'm absolutely loving this tour. Learning SO much about these places I get to visit. And mostly learning there's so much more to them than I could have dreamed. For instance, did you know that it is almost illegal to put ketchup on your hotdog in Chicago?

Am here in Kitchener-Waterloo because their library system has chosen BURY YOUR DEAD as their One Book, One Community Read. They've packed the days with TV and Radio interviews - with talks to school students and then in the evening to hundreds and hundreds of people.

Had a great event two nights ago with the Chief of Police for the area - Matt Torigian. Two easy chairs were placed on the stage, in front of 200 plus people, and we had a conversation. He was magnificent. I was leery because I didn't want to be placed in the position of the Chief telling me where I'd gone wrong, and how investigations are actually conducted. But he was lovely - and talked about his own fears as a leader, and choices, and the demands of murder investigations on them personally and their families. And that police work is about forensics, but at the end of the day it's about the team. And their relationship with each other. The deep, deep caring.

He was generous and open. I was impressed and relieved. And felt we'd just met a real life Gamache.

It was all most of women in the room could do not to follow him home. If I wasn't so in love with Michael....

Then yesterday I spoke at the Waterloo-Oxford Secondary school. I love speaking with high school students. But it was also packed with members of the community who'd come to listen. Then last night another on-stage conversation, this time with Rob Reid of the local newspaper, The Record. They're hugely supportive of the One Book, One Community campaign. About 300 people there - can't tell you how fun that is!

Today I'm doing a more intimate workshop sort of thing with a high school writing group, then in the evening the closing event at the University of Waterloo school of Architecture. Not sure why that's the venue. they might have heard about our renovations at home...

Michael is back there, overseeing. We're about 3 weeks into it, and about 3 weeks behind already. It's a sort of miracle of physics. We've crossed the speed of light, backward. Seems they discovered the entire roof needs to be re-shingled. In money, apparently.

To be fair - we knew it needed to be done and are very, very glad they're doing it while fixing the falling-down kitchen. I'd harboured a fantasy of returning home from book tour and moving into the new 'old' home. That clearly won't be happening. But the work will be well done and properly done - and Michael is doing a great job. so many decisions. He called the other night to say that he'd told them to put the bathroom vanity in the wrong place.


I tried to be supportive, while having visions of it in the middle of the kitchen. or on the roof. How far wrong can you go with a vanity? But it turned out to be a very small thing, and Michael, dear one, fixed it. Shocking number of decisions and details.

Sooo - I'll be at the school of architecture tonight - but not, thankfully, talking about design or renovations, but Bury Your Dead.

then tomorrow I fly to British columbia to start the western swing. Quite short. Event Saturday night in Victoria, BC, at Bolen's books - 7pm - then Sunday at Chapters in Vancouver and Tuesday at McNally-Robinson in Winnipeg.

Taking the long way home - and enjoying every step. thanks for walking it with me.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Off again...

sunny, cool, temps 20

Well, the second leg of the tour has begun. I'm in Kitchener, Ontario - about an hour and a half west of Toronto. Took the train here yesterday. Very civilized. Business class....and felt I'd won the lottery. I spoke to the nice man in front of me and asked if he'd mind terribly not putting his seat all the way back on the 5 hour ride, and he readily agreed. Thank heaven I did, because the man next to him did put his all the way back and it landed almost on the seat beside me. Can't believe anyone would do that - put their seat all the way back without consideration of the person behind. And that VIA rail would design seats that would do that!

If I was the person beside me, and someone did that, I'd be apoplectic.

Happily, there was no one sitting next to me. The seats are assigned, and I just got very lucky. I'm anti-social while being transported from one place to another....I like to just stare out the window and listen to music or let my mind wander. I honestly don't want to make six hours of small talk - it's a sort of nightmare....being caught in an endless cocktail party chat.

So, sitting on my own on a flight or a long train trip is bliss. And means I don't need to feign insanity to be left alone. Very tiring, that.

And - business class in VIA is extremely odd. Not only have they not updated the decor in millennia, but many of the so-called window seats have no window. Just a wall. Makes for an extremely long trip when you're staring at faded greenish wallpaper.

But my seat had a window! A window, no companion, and a nice man in front - honestly - travel doesn't get better.

And then I arrived in Kitvchener. Lovely to be met by my friend Sharron Smith - who is the doyenne of libraries here, and is running the One Book, One community efforts. I'm here because this area has chosen BURY YOUR DEAD as their 2011 read.

She drove me to the hotel...the Walper. Apparently quite storied....and under new management who are trying to update it from a faded grande dame into a modern boutique hotel. I think the transformation is almost, but not quite complete. The room is nice - beautiful fresh paint...lovely new carpet - and reupholstered seats...very old and tired chest of drawers and desks. And plumbing that makes it impossible to sleep after 6am - as the people around me rouses and showered - and it sounded like they were doing it on my head. but the oddest choice they've made as a hotel management is to not have coffee as part of the morning room service. Instead, they provide an old, small, coffee maker, coffee in packets, no milk - and say you can make your own.

Now, for me that's a deal-breaker. I'm very happy to be staying here, since someone else is paying. but this hotel actually offers continental breakfast, brought to your room - but makes a point of saying they won't bring coffee or tea. Seems almost willful.

So, at 7am I got up and dressed and went to an absolutely delightful cafe attached to the hotel - cafe culture. Got a huge bowl of cafe latte and sat by the fireplace. No one else there. heaven. Called Teresa in London, as per our agreement, and had a nice long chat.

Now, a very good and perhaps correct argument could be made that if the hotel had offered room service coffee I wouldn't have had that very, very nice respite in a great coffee shop - with a far better coffee than the hotel could provide. But, I have to say, the effort of having to get dressed and out the door at 7am to get the coffee outweighed the subsequent delight. Besides, it would be nice to have a choice.

Have a lot of events today - a welcome reception at the local newspaper. A TV, then a radio interview. Book signings around the area....then an event on stage with the local Chief of Police, to discuss investigation techniques, most of which will be news to me. That event is open to the public and it would be lovely to see you there. It's in the Victoria Pavilion in Kitchener at 7pm.

Tomorrow I have a public event at 1:30 at the Waterloo-Oxford secondary School - then in the evening a question and answer with Robert Reid, of the local newspaper on stage at the First United Church in Waterloo.

Thursday at 1:30 I'll be speaking with writing students at St Benedict's High School, and an evening event, open to the public, at the University of Waterloo school of Architecture. 7pm.

Packed schedule. Then, God and Air Canada willing, I'll be flying to Victoria, BC on Friday to start the Western Canada leg of the book tour.

It would be lovely to see you at one of the events!!!

that photo above was taken at the event at Chapters in Montreal on Sunday....actually, after the event, when our friends the Mounts, and Susan, went for coffee. I love this photo. there's Michael, calm, warm, gently listening - and there I am looking as though I've been goosed. Clearly we're hearing different stories. Or, I've just been told there's no coffee delivered to the hotel room.

As you can see, the scope of my problems is so small as to be almost invisible. A hectic few days ahead....but how lovely to be meeting so many supportive people. Thanks for coming along!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Anthony Award!

sunny, gorgeous day - temp 20

OK, now you're probably thinking I'm making this up! I sort of suspect I am too... But just heard that BURY YOUR DEAD has won the coveted Anthony Award for Best Crime Novel!!! It's voted on at Bouchercon, this year in St. Louis.

Thank you, thank you - to everyone who voted for Bury Your Dead! Wow.

A number of awards are presented at Bouchercon, as you can tell. What a supportive community, crime writers and readers are. Celebrating each other. And I honestly am floored to have won this award. And so grateful to Sarah Melnyk, my publicist, who was recovering from a cold, who got up and accepted.

I wrote out speeches, in case Bury Your Dead should win any of the awards. Have you ever had to do that? if you have, you probably know how I felt. Like a real tool. Felt so presumptuous. Pompous. Egotistical. Felt F.I.N.E., actually.

But now I'm reeeeally glad I did it! And, Sarah, thanks for getting up and accepting -

Wow - what a time. What a remarkable, amazing period in my life. And so happy to be here with Michael, so we could celebrate together. Wow.

Had fun this afternoon doing the event at Chapters in Montreal. Saw lots of people - including many friends - and had coffee afterward with the Mounts and Susan. Great way to decompress.

Thanks to Nadine and Mathieu, of Chapters, for being so generous in hosting the event. Merci!

Off to Kitchener/Waterloo tomorrow. They've chosen Bury Your Dead as their One Book, One Community read - so I have events all Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then fly to Victoria, BC for the western Canada swing of the tour.

Honestly? I feel I hardly need a plane. Oh, thank wonderful this feels.

Friday, 16 September 2011


mainly sunny - cool - temps 15

Wow - cold front has arrived in Montreal. Very cool - cold even.

But I don't care!!! I'm finally here, with Michael. Arrived yesterday morning - caught early flight out of Charlottetown, PEI and was in Montreal in time for breakfast at Nick's with Michael.

What an amazing 3 weeks....when I left here I knew it'd would be chock full of events, and new people and experiences....but I never dreamed it would be such an unforgettable, life-changing time. To have been all over the States (well, not quite everywhere) and to have met so many of you...and had a blast!!! But then to make it to number 4 on the NYTimes As you can see, I'm still living on that.

Had such a great time these past few days on Prince Edward Island. As you can see, Trina and I stopped in a seaside town called Victoria and ate lunch outside...lobster roll. It really is paradise. PEI feels a bit like walking into a parallel universe, where all the modern conveniences exist - but so does civility. A quiet. A calm pace and thoughtful conversation. It was just lovely.

And had such fun at the events. The photo above is from my last event on the Island, on Wednesday night - at the Montague Library. The four girls standing at the front are aspiring writers, who are taking a writing workshop. I asked them to stand in the front for the photo - because they'll be leading the way before long. The new voices. Aren't they beautiful? I wanted to take them all home, but wasn't allowed to.

And now I'm home in Montreal for a few days...slept a lot yesterday. Watched episodes from the first season of Modern Family- my new favorite show. And just luxuriated in familiar aromas and textures and sights....and Michael. And then last night received the wonderful news that BURY YOUR DEAD had won the Macavity award for best crime fiction novel in the US - as voted on by readers of Mystery Readers International - a great web-based publication and blog run by the remarkable Janet Rudolph.

The award was announced last night at Bouchercon (the huge crime readers/writers convention) happening this year in St Louis. Sarah Melnyk - my publicist at Minotaur Books - accepted for me. Thank you so much - to Mystery Readers International - to Janet Rudolph - to Sarah...

As you probably realize, getting a book out there really is a team effort - and everyone on that team has a specific job. Mine is to write the books...and then it gets handed to the fabulous Hope Dellon, my editor at Minotaur, and Dan Mallory, my editor at Little, Brown in the UK - to make suggestions...and they unfailingly make the manuscript better. Then, in the US, all sorts of other people get involved - including Andy Martin - the actual publisher of Minotaur books - who is a brilliant marketer and strategist. There are just so many elements....the cover of publication....the supporting ads...all the social media now, thanks to Jeanne-Marie and Paul!

I guess my point is that winning the Macavity is such a huge honour - that needs to be shared with the whole team. I'm one element, but that's all.

And a really big part of a book's success is making sure you know it even exists...and that falls, in my case, to Sarah Melnyk at Minotaur. So I'm just thrilled she was the one who got up and accepted the award. thank you, Sarah!!!

I was supposed to be at Bouchercon - but I have to admit....I'm sooooo happy to be in Montreal for a few days - to be with the Big Guy and to breathe.

Had an interview this morning for L'actualite magazine - which is the Quebec equivalent of Time Magazine - with Georges-Hebert Nick's. Fascinating man - a great pleasure to meet a journalist and writer I admire so much.

And on Sunday I have a 2pm event at the Chapter's bookstore on Ste Catherine street in downtown Montreal. Love to see you there.

Well - must go. Lunch at the Taverne on the Square....then back home for more Modern Family, and a nap. Amazing, blessed, life.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kindred Spirits

sunny, warm - temps 75

Absolutely beautiful weather here on Prince Edward Island. for those unfamiliar with Canada, we have a couple of islands that are privinces unto themselves...Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island (or PEI).

A few months ago I received an email from Trina O'Brien Leggott, of the PEI library system, saying they were going to be part of the One Book, One Community campaign - but had decided to make it province-wide - so that it became One Book, One Island. And she wondered if they chose STILL LIFE, could I come for the culmination.

You can imagine my response. The email was still warm when I shot back a YES, PLEASE. Didn't even pretend to think about it! but it seemed so far off.

And now, here it is. And here I am. Having just a wonderful time. glorious weather...sunny and warm. Perfect September. Am staying in Charlottetown, and yesterday morning I had a few hours to wander (with an ice cream cone) down to the water front. You can see the photo. God help me, part of me is tempted to call Michael, get him to pack a bag and Trudy, buy a home and never leave.

Then Trina came by the hotel and drove me to the Anne of Green Gables house, in Cavendish. I have to say, I was resistant to go, or admit I wanted to go. Didn't want to admit I wanted to do something so cliche. Then I thought - oh, for God's sake - how can I be my age and still worry about how this would look??? If I want to go, go!

the drive was we skirted the Atlantic then through the centre of the island. And then - there was the house.

I LOVED Anne growing up. One of the first books I read on my own - and the first series. I just gobbled them up. Anne, and her 'kindred spirit' friend. Who doesn't long for a kindred spirit? I suspect that has deeply inspired many things in my life, and most things in my books. That longing to belong. That longing for deep and loving friendships....understanding and acceptance.

Anne gave me that.

You can see the photo of Trina in front of the house. And then, on our way home, we stopped by one of the hundreds of beaches.... ahhhh.

did a french interview for Radio Canada late yesterday afternoon - my french felt very rusty....ugh. Poor Audette, who did the interview. So patient. and tolerant.

Very fun event last night at the Confederation centre in Charlottetown....preceded by a great dinner with some library reps, and a couple of contest winners. We laughed so much.

Today - off to the Bibliotheque (library) publique J-Henri-Blanchard at 2pm - for a mostly french event (hope my french returns)
Then 7pm event at the Montague Rotary Library.

And then???? HOME

Well, not totally home. Taking 6:30am flight to Montreal tomorrow....Michael driving up....and we'll be together... meeting for breakfast at Nick's on Greene Ave. Oh, God, I don't dare even think about it, I get so emotional. Haven;t seen Michael in almost 3 weeks, though we speak several times a day, and email. But, wow - one more sleep until we're together for the weekend.

Actually - he's my island. And my kindred spirit.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ann Arbor - Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown - sunny, lovely day - temps 20

Back in Canada after what feels like an eternity away....but a GREAT eternity!! Certainly a life-changing time. For the past two weeks we've (you and I) have criss-crossed the US - doing events in a differnt city every day. It has been amazing fun, to see you all! And you can see the crowd yesterday afternoon at the Kerrytown Book festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan - organized by a lot of people including the remarkable Robin and Jamie Agnew - of Aunt Agatha's bookstore. Robin and I sat at the front of the tent and all these wonderful people came out to listen and talk - and we just had the best time.

A great way to end the American leg of the A TRICK OF THE LIGHT tour. Just magnificent.

It was a day of great contrast. Like many of you, it started for me by watching the Sept 11th memorials. It was so moving, and dignified and terribly sad.

And then Stefanie Pintoff was generous enough to offer me a lift to the Kerrytown festival, where she also had an event - so off we went and had a fabulous time - as you can see!!

Then Stefanie and I drove to the airport - she to catch a flight to New York City and me to get into the smallest plane I've been in in a long while....for the short hop from Detroit to Toronto. It was an Air Canada flight - but a prop plane. Can't remember the last time I was in a prop plane - and an old one! Very few seats, no flight attendent - we were in single seats down the length of the narrow plane.

but it was very relaxing...and I realized how much I like the older, prop plane. I remember them with great affection and comfort from all the flights I took all over Northwestern Ontario when I was a reporter there. They sort of job down the runway, then gently lift off, and like a butterfly they float higher and higher. Very civilized.

Got to Toronto - then hopped another flight to Charlottetown PEI. Arrived after midnight. Great flight - but no taxis....we waited at least 20 minutes, perhaps longer, in a bitterly cold wind - for one taxi, then another, then another to dribble in. Another woman and I shared a cab. Too bad really - not a friendly way to arrive. But things could be worse.

The hotel - the Holman GRand - is brand new. Wonderful, clean, great design. LOVE it. Only open about a month and a few teething pains. Seems confusion over whether they have room service or not. Phones didn't work and the internet couldn't be connected...but after several calls to the very nice receptionist, all has been solved.

This is the first time I'll have more than 2 nights in a hotel - for the most part it's been a different hotel every night for more than 2 it is lovely - indeed, very meaningful, to have a nice place to settle in to. Some people don't really care about these things. But I do. I think because I'm a home body - and just want to curl up in the bed, order room service, read, watch TV - and not think. Until my next event.

Have an interview with Karen Mair at the CBC here in Charlottetown in about an hour. Then nothing until a dinner tomorrow and event at 7pm - open to the public - at Studio 1 at the Confederation Centre.

I'm in Prince Edward Island because they've chosen Still Life as their One Book, One Island book! I am SO happy about that!!! This is my first book event in Atlantic Canada....and PEI is one of the great islands in the world. Check it out on line. I visited a few times decades ago when I worked at CBC in Moncton. Looking forward to actually getting out of the dressing gown and heading into this wonderful community....

Oh - I'm back. did you miss me? The wonderful librarian who is coordinating this visit for me - Trina - just rung up from the lobby. I thought she was coming at 11:45 - but she showed up at 10:45 and I was in my bathrobe. Except....I suddenly remembered, as I flew around the room tossing clothes on - that PEI is an hour ahead....and I hadn't changed my watch.

It was 11:45! And I was in danger of being late for my CBC radio interview. Lovely Trina got us there on time. And I did it with Karen. then Sarah asked if I could do a TV interview. I'd tossed whatever clothes I could find on, fortunately I'd brushed my hair - but I had no make up on. And, as luck would have it, Sarah is luminous. Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

Happily, I figure the bar is set pretty low for authors. If I'm dressed and sober they should consider themselves lucky. though I'm sure I looked demented. At least I didn't have a fork in my hair.

After that I wandered the centre of Charlottetown. Found an ice cream place called cows and had my first food of the day. Yum!!! A wowie cowie. double yum. Then went to the bookstore and the library. Heaven.

Now back to the hotel to try to rest a bit...I find now I'm getting tired easily and early. Though I blame the Wowie Cowie. Far too sensational.

Hotel does need a bit of snags ironed out. There's a hilarious and wonderful BBC show called Hotel Inspector, where this really very anti-social potty mouthed woman, who happens to be a very successful hotelier, visits down on their luck hotels and tries to help turn them around. I love that show.

I'd LOVE to be the Canadian hotel inspector. Not that I have any expertise in running a great hotel - but I've stayed in so many. For instance - this room - in a very high end hotel - has no pen. Or stationary. And when I called down to see if they could please replace the coffee capsules I'd used that morning (the housekeeper must have missed it), the lovely and very friendly young woman admitted it took her forever to show up because she'd forgotten which room I was in. And then gave me the wrong capsules.

Not big things...but again, if you're aspiring to be the tops, it really is the details that matter. Like writing, I think. Or any career. Get the details right. We have a guest cottage, and when people come to stay we make sure it's not only clean but that there are fresh flowers in summer, or a baked treat in winter, and that everything they could need is there. Granted, one cottage is easier than a hotel with rotating (and demanding!!) guests.

However - I would stay here again in an instant. And would love to bring Michael. It's a great modern hotel - that just needs a few more months to smooth things out.

Loving charlottetown - the weather's spectacular. And now, am off to relax. Having a chicken and pear sandwich from the deli around the corner.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Globe and Mail bestseller - and Cleveland!

rain - temps 65

first real rain of the tour so having just the BEST time - and who wouldn't??

Just woke up in the hotel in Cleveland to the news that A TRICK OF THE LIGHT has made the Canadian Globe and Mail bestseller list! Came in at number 7. Wow! This is the very first time any of my books has made this list!!! It's the Canadian equivalent of the NYTimes list.

Wait, did someone say the NYTimes list???? Did A Trick of the Light make this week's list??? YES!!! At number 4!

But I a Canadian I can't tell you how overwhelmed with joy I am to see that the book made it. Wow. Honestly, I'm sitting here trying to catch my breath. So thrilled. so excited. So grateful to Minotaur in the US, for Raincoast in Canada - for the wonderful guidance and work of Rob Howard in Canada earlier in the year, for really setting the course for A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and Jamie Broadhurst and Dan Wagstaff of Raincoast for steering the book. right onto the list!

This is such an exceptional week. A once-in-a-lifetime week. A week I could never have dreamed of as a child, teen, young adult - older I dreamed of becoming a writer. I just wanted to finish a book. And now here I am, in a lovely hotel room in Cleveland, on book tour - being able to share with you this wonderful, wonderful news.

And - speaking of Cleveland - I had a fabulous time last night!!! As you can see by the photo (though I must admit, one man looks like he reeeally wishes he was anywhere else but there - but it might just have caught him at a bad moment. Yes, that must be it....) More than 200 people showed up to the community centre in Brecksville, just outside Cleveland!

the event was put on by this most amazing and dynamic of library systems - the Cuyahoga Library coordinated the event. Pam - a librarian - met me at the plane. Cathy - a librarian drove me to and from the event. Others hosted and prepared. It was magnificent.

And so many people. I can't tell you what it means to me to stand there and look out at your smiling, supportive faces.


Denis is picking me up in a few minutes and we're driving to Michigan - for a 3pm event at Schuler's books in Okemos - with one of my favorite crime writers - Stefanie Pintoff. She's brilliant. I'm such a fan and can hardly wait. Hope to see you there.

Then tomorrow - on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 - I'll be at the Kerrytown Book Fair with the remarkable Robin Agnew. She and her husband Jamie run one of the finest independent bookstores I know....Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor. She was championing my books when no one else knew about them. And now she helps run this great festival in Ann Arbor. With all sorts of amazing crime writers - like Stefanie Pintoff and Maureen Jennings and Brian Freeman and Tasha Alexander. My event is noon.

have a great weekend - even as we all reflect on where we were ten years ago. And where we are today.

Friday, 9 September 2011


sun struggling to come out....but I feel in permanent sunshine!!! temps 69

Arrived in Cleveland this afteroon - heading east, so am losing an hour here and there. Very short and enjoyable flight from Chicago -less than an hour - in a plane that looks and feels like a needle. And is not much bigger. But fast and sure - and here!

I am having such a blast on this tour. Still no hair brush, I'm embarrassed to admit. Just no time to go out and find one. Every moment taken up either with events, or stock signings or traveling. I have a couple of hours off and might see if I can find a shop in downtown cleveland. I did find a comb, in an airport shop, and that has had to suffice.

Have to say, if it's a choice between neat hair, or a nap....well, good bye neat hair.

Did I tell you - can't remember - we're number 4 on the NYTimes Bestseller list!!!! (of course i remember telling you!!!! just joking - thought I should point that out in case you thought I'd lost my marbles).

Michael, dear one, has taken to calling me Number 4 - which makes me kinda relieved we didn't land slightly higher up the list.

I forgot to take a photo at the event last night at the Bookstall in Winnetka. But loads of people - Standing room again. Feels so wonderful. Happily (I guess) a wonderful man named John took photos. You can see a bunch on Facebook - but he also sent me some - the ones at the top. In one I appear to be pointing to something that might be stuck in my teeth - and the other shows John and me - no batteries needed.

Thank you John - thank you everyone who came out!

One of the tricks, I'm finding, on this long tour is not only to get enough sleep, but I yearn for quiet, private time. To just sit on the side of the bed and stare out the window. At a strange and often beautiful new city. And lose myself.

the other challenge - beyond the hair thing - is eating properly. Not getting junk - or missing too many meals. So I generally have fruit and coffee for breakfast - often miss lunch - then get something after the event... yesterday I was starving by the time I got to the hotel - mid-afternoon - and ordered a club sandwich...thank god it came with fries. Yummmmm. But for dinner, after the event, I went around the corner and found a little convenience store and bought some fresh sliced mango.

Now that was ambrosia.

This is a real reminder of the differnce eating well and eating badly make.

Having said that, I've just ordered a burger. But missed breakfast at the chicago hotel, to catch the flight.

I'll get this right yet. but, to be honest, so far, so good. Not gone hideously wrong.

Off to the Cuyahoga Library in Brecksville (just outside Cleveland) for a 7pm event tonight. Hugely impressive library system. Very dynamic, organized, passionate. I just LOVE being around people like that. And organized. No chaos. I find chaos on tour quite draining.

Hope to see you tonight.

Tomorrow am off to Schuler Books in Okemos - just outside Detroit - for a 3pm event....with the great Stefanie Pintoff. I am a HUGE fan of her books. She writes historical mysteries and won the Edgar for her debut. Her latest is called SECRET OF THE WHITE ROSE and needs to be read!

I'm so excited to be doing this event with Stefanie. See you there I hope!

and on Sunday Stefanie and I are at the Kerrytown Book Festival, in Ann Arbor. Lots of amazing crime writers....Maureen Jennings, who writes the Murdoch Mysteries (and a close personal friend...she's genius) - Brian Freeman - who is a wonderful thriller writer - Tasha Alexander - hugely talented. Hoenstly, it is a breath-taking list!!!

My event is in the main tent on Sunday in Ann Arbor - at 1pm.

I wonder where that burger is....oh, just arrived!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

#4 on the New York Times list!!!!

sunny, beautiful day (which it would be even if it was raining!!!) temps 75

Dateline - Omaha, nebraska - and the news????

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is number 4 on the New York Times Bestseller list!!! Number 4!!! My God, when Andy, the publisher of Minotaur books told me I almost toppled over. not in my wildest dreams did I think we'd get that high. On the plane from Houston here yesterday morning I knew we'd hear later that day if the book had made the list. Now, there are really two New York times lists....I didn't know this until well into my publishing career, when it suddenly became pertinent.

There's the printed list - which is what we see in the Times on the weekends. The top 15 books. then there's what's called the 'extended list' - which goes to the top 35. Which is a huge accomplishment, to make the extended list, and gives authors then the right to call themselves New York times bestsellers.

The highest I've been is 23, on the extended list, with BURY YOUR DEAD. And I was thrilled beyond measure.

I honestly never dared dream one of my books would make the printed list. would ever get that high.

So on the flight I didn't dare hope...all I did was pray that A TRICK OF THE LIGHT wasn't number 16! It would be crushing to be soooo close. I'd rather be 25. But mostly, really, I just wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, on the list.

I realize it shouldn't matter. That writing the best book I can is what matters most. And it does. but between us? this matter too. All my life I've read the Times. Seen the list. Seen the names and wondered at the magic of them. And thought how happy they must be.

and now I know.

VERY happy. Happy beyond words. When Andy called last night, with my wonderful editor Hope Dellon and the fabulous Sarah Melnyk, the head of publicity at Minotaur in the room with him - he asked me to choose a number between one and 15. My legs gave way and I slumped to the side of the bed. My God - I thought....we made it.

But I didn't want to choose a number and then be disappointed somehow. If I said 11 and I was number 14, it could feel disappointing somehow. So I made a joke and said, 'Number One!' - never thinking we'd be even close.

When Andy said number 4 I almost didn't understand the words. How could that be?

But I know how that can be - how A TRICK OF THE LIGHT got to number 4.

Because Hope and Dan are brilliant editors and made the books better. Because Teresa and Patty believed in Still Life when everyone else rejected the manuscript. Because Andy, the publisher, is passionate and brilliant and oversaw all aspects of the publication - including the amazing cover - and because Sarah believed in the series, and this book. She said from the start - This is the one. And she put together this amazing tour. It's because Jeanne-Marie and Paul and Marjorie have created such a lovely presence on Facebook - and other parts of social media - which allows me to speak with you directly.

All those things came in to play. But the final, the most wonderful, glorious element?


You found Three Pines, you breathed life into Armand and Jean Guy - Clara and Gabri. And Ruth. You held their hands and kept them company, no matter what dreadful thing was happened. And you invited so many others into the village, into the books. You spread the word.

And you never, ever stinted in your support.

No part of me feels I deserve credit for this...some, yes. But the beauty of being number 4 (did I mention that??) on the NYTimes list is that we stand on that spot together. A community. I'm not alone. I don't want to be alone. I want you all with me. There. On the printed list. And in the village.

How extraordinary.

the photo above is from the fabulous event at the Bookworm bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska last night. many smiling faces. Sarah Melnyk called from New York in the middle of the event to tell us it was official and confirmed. And I got to celebrate with all these lovely people!!! the photo was taken seconds after it was announced.

What was announced, you ask?

Well, let me tell you -

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is number 4 on the New York Times bestseller list!!!!

(pass it on)

Off to Chicago this morning - signing at Anderson Bookshop midafternoon - a stock signing, not a public event - the public event is tonight at 7 at the Book Stall in Winnetka. Hope to see you there!!!

Then off to Cleveland tomorrow for an event at 7pm Friday night at the Cuyahoga Library, in the Brecksville community Centre.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Houston Hair

sunny, hot, temps in the 90's

Houston is gorgeous! But it's also suffering terribly from too much sun, way too much heat - too little rain - and the results. Tinder-dry forests and brush. And wildfires. When the flight from Phoenix arrived yesterday morning we could smell the smoke in the air. By mid-morning the wind had shifted and we could no longer smell it. But the fires were there. threatening communities - making 'good' on those threats to actually burn homes.

Very, very upsetting.

And no rain in sight.

But from my hotel room window you'd never know there was aproblem. I'm staying at this really fabulous place called the Hotel ZaZa - which is sort of film-themed, with vintage posters and black and white photos....all very 'fabulous'. But my God is it ever comfortable. It looks out over a park - with a zoo and walking trails and huge trees. Lush and green and very serene....and a huge traffic circle that flows like a river around a wonderful fountain. Magical.

I reeeally like Houston - but never get to stay here long.

Arrived from Phoenix - where the event at Poisoned Pen was amazing. Packed. It was the first time they opened the store for an event over Labor Day - so thank you Barbara Peters and everyone at Poisoned Pen!!!! But barbara and I went out for afternoon tea before the event and she very gently and diplomatically warned me that she didn't know what to was possible no one would show up.

We decided we'd have a great time anyway. Besides, I knew one of my great friends, Lesa Holstein, would at least be there. So, at the very least it would be Barbara, Lesa and me. More than enough!

After Barbara left to prepare the store for the event, I met up with Lesa for Dr. Peppers and nibblies - and a great catch-up. I adore her. She's a head librarian in the Phoenix area and runs Lesa's Book Critiques blog...a very thoughtful, very influential blog. Over the years we've become friends and see each other whenever we can. Like Monday night. And, Lesa brought me a huge bag of gummi fuel the tour. yum!!!

Then we went over to Poisoned Pen - and....the place was packed!!! They sold out of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and all the other books in the series. Yay!!! Cannot begin to thank all the people who came out! I know there are so many other things to do - like relax at I am beyond grateful. And had a blast! Barbara Peters did the interview - the two of us sat together on stools at the front....and it really is much more of a conversation or discussion than an interview. Then she opened it for questions from the audience. I signed books after...then we scooted to the airport.

As you know, the flight from Phoenix arrived here in Houston at 2am. Checked into the hotel (got an upgrade!!!) and went to sleep....ahhh. The housekeeper, though, woke me up at 8:50 - wanting to make up the room. This seemed a little early to me - and quite upsetting since I was desperately tired. But I got up and did some work - then headed off to the luncheon that Murder by the Book had organized.

it was at the Briar Club...lovely club. And I had a chance to see a mix of old friends like Cae and Billie - and meet some of you who read the blog and facebook....but mostly, who read the books. John, who works at Murder by the Book, interviewed me and ran the event, brilliantly. wonderful man.

Then they got me back to the hotel in time for a brief nap (I left my hairbrush in Phoenix so I had a choice...nap, or buy a brush. Guess which won....but that meant when I got up and went to the evening event at Murder by the Book bookstore, I looked like something the cat dragged in! And now, after sleeping on it another night, the hair is a definite menace!!! )

You can see the photo....lots of people....and so great to see old friends. (J and J and others) And wonderful to see McKenna and Dean and Brenda and John (the fab John!) And one kind and generous soul brought a bag of licorice pipes!!!

Off to Omaha today, for an event at 6pm at Bookworm. I'll be the madwoman with frazzled hair and a licorice pipe. Looking, perhaps, like Clara Morrow! By the end of the 6 week tour I suspect I'll be looking like Ruth - so this isn't too bad.

See you tonight in Omaha!! Never been to Nebraska and I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, 5 September 2011


wispy high clouds - hot! temps above 100

We're not in New England anymore, Toto. What a miracle air travel is...and how astonishing is the United States. Went from too wet and very lush and green New England to the Arizona desert and it's reds, ochres, palm trees and cacti. And searing heat. Arrived yesterday from Atlanta - and went for a walk. Short walk. Was going to be longer but after about three minutes I was drenched (granted I was wearing jeans - but not the winter books Michael forgot to take off last time we were here - remember that? We had to head into town to buy him sandals! Got on the plane in snowy Burlington a couple years ago, and he forgot to leave his boots in the we walked around phoenix, looking for a shoe store, in snow boots.)

LOVE, love, love Scottsdale. So different from anything I've ever known. So beautiful - and love the fusion of American and Mexican cultures. I know there're lots of tensions, and this has become a political issue hotter than the phoenix sun - scalding in fact - but as a visitor I just adore it. Reminds me of the French and english melange at home, and how we're so much the richer for it.

Am staying at the Valley Ho - Sarah, my publicist at Minotaur, managed to get me upgraded to this spectacular suite!!! Can you imagine - my god, it's wonderful. Unfortunately it came complete with partying neighbours last night. I was so looking forward to a long, relaxed evening and sleep - deep, uninterrupted sleep - finally. But their shrieks woke me up. I actually called security after a while and that quietened them down. Some noise I can tolerate and understand - people have a right to be happy, and laugh. But I think yelling and shrieking crosses the line. I love what Mark Twain said - 'Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins'. They hit my nose with the screams.

But beyond that, this is a wonderful place! Having such fun. Will do a massage later this morning. Ahhhh.

And last night, while others partied - I have the best time of all. I did laundry!!! The suite has a washer and dryer. You can see 'me' lying on the lounger on the balcony.

Off for an event at 5pm at the wonderful Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, with the remarkable Barbara Peters. Then she's driving me to the airport for a flight to Houston - arrive at 2am (thanks to the time difference - I didn't realize flights were allowed to land that late). Then luncheon talk tomorrow at noon - and another tomorrow evening at Murder by the Book, one of the great independent bookstores in North America. So looking forward to seeing everyone there.

I owe my writing career to many people. My agents Teresa and Patty - my publishers and editiors - Hope and Dan. But I know it would all have stopped after the first few books if it wasn't for the Independent Mystery bookstores - who found the little books set in Canada - and started handselling them. Telling others. So wonderful to get a chance to say thank you.

Am lying right now on the lounge chair - looking at the hills in Scottsdale and the palm my morning meditation (I bring a small book along with me on the road - to help keep me balanced and on track). Said quiet prayers of thanks - and now will begin the day. In clean clothing!!! If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

thank you so much for your comments, which I love reading - for your company, which sustains me - for your great good energy and humour...for your support with A TRICK OF THE LIGHT - for telling others about the books. And for coming out to the events and letting me know that I'm not alone. How beautiful you are. Thank you!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Sunny, hot, temps 86

Wow, what a difference a 2 hour plane trip makes! Hot and humid here in Atlanta. Beautiful. I've never been here before. Have come for the Decatur Literary Festival...have an event in about an hour with -

OK - I actually had looked at the time and realized I was about to miss my drive to the festival from the hotel!! So I left in mid-sentence, and good thing too. Got there, in time. Phew.

And now I'm back 'home' in the hotel. The wonderful Diondre who works at the front desk is so cheerful and helpful. I couldn't figure out how to get the internet going in the room and he came up and in a matter of seconds there it was. Not once did he look at me like I was an idiot - which I appreciate.

The event was in the church - as you can see from the photo...what you can't see is that the entire ground floor was packed. apparently it was the biggest crowd they'd had in that venue for the festival so far! Yippeee. It's not the best photo since it was taken about ten seconds after the event ended and people were beginning to leave....but still, it gives you the feeling of what Amanda and I saw. Amanda is Amanda Kyle Williams who has written her debut thriller, The Stranger You Seek. It is getting amazing and well deserved reviews and attention! And she's delightful. Loved doing the event with her...and with the moderator, who was the remarkable Teresa Weaver, who does book reviews and is smart, insightful, warm. We were in good hands.

it was very fun because they'd set up two huge chairs on the 'altar' of the church, and plopped Amanda and me down - so it felt a little like being a Queen or the Pope for an hour. We were just and wise and benevolent. Well, we were none of those things, but we sure had fun. And I hope the audience enjoyed it too. they seemed to. Now, I have to tell you that the minister at the church - his name is Todd Speed. Honest. Isn't that wonderful? So jealous.

Then we went outside, under a tent, for the signing. But they ran out of my books. Which is both good and bad. They were selling A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and STILL LIFE, and - boom - they all went. But it was fun to at least greet the people who couldn't buy.

the other photo is from the VERY fun event last night at the Norwich Bookstore - my third time darkening their door. Met the lovely Sheila there, her third time coming to listen. The last two times she and I recited The Bells of Heaven together - but not this time...but we did talk about poetry after the affair. That's her on the far left of the photo, in the front row.

I just love returning to these glorious independent bookstores - like visiting old friends - or that fun, smart, thoughtful aunt - who knew so much but never made me feel stupid. Only made me want to know more. Great bookstores and book sellers are like that. And I've met great booksellers this week. And am the better for it.

Now, as you know, New england has been devastated by Hurricane Irene...I think the real scale of it is just now being assessed - as people emerge from shock and just trying to cope - and look around. Beautiful old towns all but destroyed. Libraries that have lost their entire collections. Schools damaged. Homes gone. Never mind businesses. And many still without power.

The Norwich bookstore is helping to coordinate some of the relief - especially book related (for libraries) but I think they'll have info on other relief too. If you'd like to give money, or goods, or books - please go to their website...

The vermont library system is also assessing the damage and beginning to coordinate rebuilding efforts. you can go to Thanks to marianne for that information.

If you have information on other funds starting up, in Mass. or Connecticut or New Hampshire - and of course, Vermont, please let me know....write it as a comment, or send me an email - or put it on facebook... we'll do what we can to get the word out. I know they're trying to be sensible, and coordinate, and not make it a chaotic situation.

Morning flight to Phoenix tomorrow....then day off. Ahhhh - and an event at Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale - 5pm Monday. LOVE to see you there!!! After that I'm grabbing a late flight to Houston.

Thank you for making this such a remarkable tour!!! Michael says HI - he's having a wonderful labour day with two of his sons. Swimming and barbequing and doing whatever men do when their women-folk are away (doesn't bear thinking about).

Speak to you soon!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Norwich, VT

sunny, mild, lovely day

What a tour! Honestly, after 6 book tours, this is the most wonderful so far. Thanks to you. You absolutely amaze and thrill me. Thank you for coming out to the events - thank you for sending emails and comments - for posting on Facebook. For telling me, and others (!!) about A TRICK OF THE LIGHT and the whole series.


This is so much fun.

Ginny, the author rep, and her husband Jim, have been driving me ALL over new england. We left Kennebunkport yesterday morning - you can see the photo - that's where I had my morning coffee, sitting in an adirondack chair! 4 hour drive to Madison, CT. Poor madison got thumped by the hurricane....for the longest time we weren't sure we could do the event at the fabulous RJ Julia bookstore - then came word...their power was back! But much of the town and surrounding area is still out...People came to the event from all over. You can see the photo. But many of them had no power, and no hope of it returning until next week. And yet they were so cheerful. Not because this gave them pleasure, but because they had no choice. Wonderful.

The event was a blast. Packed! had a chance to speak to many before the event. Thanks to Tracy for hosting it. And to all of you, including the remarkable Marjorie, for coming...she and many others drove hours to be there.

Then Ginny and Jim drove us 4 hours north, to Norwich VT. Highway 91 had been washed out and closed...until just before we left...then we got the word, it had re-opened. Yippeee! Cut at least an hour off the instead of 5 plus, it was 4. arrived just around midnight.

Now, an event at the Norwich Bookstore at 7 tonight, then we're driving to Boston and I fly to Atlanta tomorrow for an event with Amanda Kyle Williams. She has her first thriller out, called THE STRANGER YOU SEEK. It's apparently fabulous. that's at 5:30, as part of the Decatur Literary Festival.

Then fly to Phoenix Sunday.

Thank you - honestly - for reading A TRICK OF THE LIGHT, for writing me - for telling so many others. If you keep it up, so will I! We're a team.

Hope to see you along the way!