Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Sunny, warm, temps 85

Arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon - beautiful city. And staying at another of my all-time favourite hotels - the Hotel ZaZa. Wonderful!

And had an event last night at one of my all-time favourite bookstores, Murder by the Book. Here's a photo. a free event, but ticketed so that there'd be order to the signing. There were more than 180 people. Here's the view from where I stood. So wonderful. And I'm so deeply grateful for all your support of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. Thank you!

Back home in Quebec, there was a big election yesterday and the sovereignist Parti Quebecois won and will form a minority government. This was expected - indeed, it looked like a majority government for a while (with three main parties, it sometimes comes down to a minority government, where the ruling party can be outvoted if the other two combine forces).
It seems unlikely the separatist PQ will call a referendum to leave Canada anytime soon.

Have to say, Quebec is rarely dull!


Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed the books that Louise Penny writes. I have no doubt The Beautiful Mystery will be good.
I am only on chapter 8. Wanting to say this in a nice way, I was kind
of shocked by the use of swear words
that some characters now seem to be using. 'sh--' 'as----e' etc. I don't recall the use of that language in any other book. I know they are just characters in a book, but since I've read all the books and have a sense of 'knowing' the characters it changes them somehow and makes them less likable to me.
Sorry, it's only my opinion and I'm probably in the minority, but she says in her blog that the readers are important to her so I'm just trying to politely share.

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