Saturday, 1 September 2012

Keplers Books

foggy - temps 65 -

San Francisco now! Loving it. Had a strange experience with the looking forward to it but when I arrived it was like that scene from Pretty Woman, where Julia roberts goes into the high end boutique and is treated know. Shown a terrible, dark room to start. Only on complaining did a much nicer room show up. Not a great feeling - I've stayed in lots of budget hotels, who make me feel precious and welcome, so I know the difference.

But - the rest of the stay here in San Francisco has been great. Wonderful event last night in Menlo Park - at Keplers. Great independent bookstore in need of renovations - and they reached out to the community, who are helping raise money and really pulling together. LOVING all the support and loyalty for these fabulous bookstores.

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend. Have an event this afternoon at Book Passage, in Corte Madera.

thanks for your company!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Louise. Your latest book is brilliant and broke my heart at the same time. I continue to remember your credo: goodness exists. Safe journey home to Michael and Trudy.

seule771 said...

Hi Louise Penny,

Names are at times a bearer's curse and we don't name ourselves either;
I am sure you are a treasured penny times pieces of eights in wads not fold.

I retrieved your book: Beautiful Mystery, from library and reach
something I deem potent, in that I laugh and laugh...I suffer with depression so anyhow.

The line: "Have you a copy machine?" response "No, but we have 23 monks..."

I have a very small mind.

Thank you.