Saturday, 8 September 2012

Full Circle

Toronto - overcast, rain - 16

Here're the quite fuzzy 'villagers' at the final event of the tour! (not sure if the photo will show up - seem to be having difficulty with the upload - hope it works. If not, you can see it on the facebook page, if you do facebook) The event was in South Hadley, MA - organized by Odyssey bookstore...and held on the campus of Mount Holyoke University....gorgeous campus. I arrived early and went for a walk around the lake. 1 mile. Lots of lithe young students lapped me! But so beautiful and peaceful and VERY fun event. Great way to end an extraordinary, unforgettable tour and two weeks - thanks to you!!!

Flew from Boston to Toronto this morning to sign some books, and am now at the airport to catch the flight to Montreal. full circle. I long to get home. Montreal tonight - then meeting with the film director for Still Life tomorrow morning - then home to sutton tomorrow afternoon.

Michael, Trudy, friends, bed. Ahhh.

But I will never, ever forget this past 2 weeks. And ending on a wonderful note. We're #6 on the Globe and Mail list! And terrific review in the Globe this morning -

....It’s a stirring, thought- provoking read, less a matter of whodunit than a relentless questioning of why any of us do anything....and stands as a powerful literary novel in its own right...

I hope you agree, my friend. Our travels are almost over - thank you for your glorious, comforting, invigorating company. You're welcome along anytime!!!


danielle-momo said...

Welcome home !

Thank you to have brought us along.

CallieK said...

I'm sad to think I missed meeting you- I looked on the website for Toronto dates but didn't see any. Will you be back?

lil Gluckstern said...

I'm so glad for you. You definitely write literary books, and I'm glad you reaping the results of that.

judy accardi said...

I wish you had come to Los Angeles. I love your books. I read Bury Your Dead first and loved it and then read all the others so quickly. I just finished The Beautiful Mystery and I was enraptured with it. I think it may be your best and I hunger for more. Gamache and Jean Guy are so real to me. I feel such empathy and compassion for them. The depth of feeling you evoke in your books is amazing to me in this genre. I read lots of mysteries. I don't know if I can wait for the next one from you, especially given how this one ended. I am glad you are getting such recognition. Your writing has such depth and complexity of characters faced with the true uncertainties and challenges of relationships and of life. thank you for bringing me such pleasure in reading.

Barb said...

Thank you for reminding me (at the Mt Holyoke event) about your website's pronunciation guide! I'd listened to it ages ago but loved the refresher. Thank you for this and for your wonderful books. I have to say I laugh out loud at many of Jean Guy's ruminations! :)