Friday, 31 August 2012

Denver - Tattered Cover

sunny - some smoke from the forest fires lingering - temps mid-80s

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! I cannot tell you how much your support means.

Having a blast on the book tour. Wonderful, easy flights, and so enjoying the cities. Denver is so beautiful - with such interesting history of the gold rush. Beautiful juxtaposition of old and shiny new buildings downtown.

Met my American agent, Patty Moosbrugger, for drinks before the event at Tattered Cover. (great name for a bookstore, no?) Wow - what a great independent bookstore, and an amazing crowd, as you can see. Standing room only again, they had to bring in more seats - and everyone was so welcoming. Felt like a gathering of friends. Thank you!

It's such fun to be meeting you - and also to be visiting many of the great independent bookstores - the ones that were here first, and where our parents and grandparents bought their books. Very moving. Very inspirational to see the way these stores are loved by their patrons, and the loyalty. Beautiful.

Off to San Francisco this morning. Event at Keplers Books in Menlo Park, 7pm tonight. Hope to see you there.

3 comments: said...

Bravo Louise

Comme c'est encourageant de voir autant de lecteurs et d'adeptes...

Vos histoires sont si captivantes, la preuve en est faite!!!

Bravo et profitez bien de cette tournée..

Au plaisir!


Kathy Rupff said...

Dear Louise, Thanks for all the information about yourself online -- your website and blog are awesome! I am a huge fan, and am on "Bury Your Dead" right now. You are magnificent -- Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, and me! Hope to meet you in CT. Pray safe and healthy travels for you and your family while your on tour!

jillybean said...

Louise -- you should be ashamed.

I picked up The Beautiful Mystery on Thursday at Mystery Lovers' Bookshop in Oakmont, PA. (you were there a few years ago)I started reading it and am about halfway thru it -- here's the thing: I have dishes sitting in the sink, clothes sitting in the washing machine waiting to go into the dryer, yard work is partially finished and we are now due to get rain, I'm getting NOTHING DONE! The book is so captivating I can't stop reading. I try putting it down and find myself drifting back to it to read just one more page, well maybe just finish this chapter. Thank you so much for this brilliant book. I'll be telling folks on my Facebook page.