Monday, 3 September 2012


sunny - hot, hot, hot 107

Am now in Phoenix - flew in yesterday from San Francisco. LOVE Phoenix - staying at the Valley Ho - one of my favorite hotels in the world....and the name only makes it better! Here's the view from my hotel room. Pool packed with beautiful young people. I stayed as far away as possible. Lots of loud music and laughter and dancing...I think it might have been a party. But fun to watch....and it ended by 6pm - and after that, peace a best of both worlds.

Desperately hot here....but I think this is normal for Phoenix at this time of year. 107. Felt great!

This morning I'm relaxing on the balcony - marveling at the beauty of the red mountains and the palm trees. What a splendid life. Yesterday I stared out at the Pacific, and felt that thrill of seeing something magnificent. And now again. What's also fun is knowing that before the week is out I'll be looking at the Atlantic.

But mostly, what I long to see, and want to see, is you. To thank you for all your support of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. For reading it, telling me how you feel - knowing how very difficult it was to write. For telling all sorts of other people about the books. So wonderful to be able to thank you!!

I'll be at the great bookstore, Poisoned Pen, in Scottsdale, at 5 tonight, with the remarkable Barbara Peters. Hope to see you there!


Barbara said...

I used to have family in Phoenix and I well remember 107 degrees there. It may be dry heat, but it's just plain hot. My friend in Phoenix will be at the Poisoned Pen to see you and I do so wish I was going too, but alas I'm in Pennsylvania.

John and Mary Anne said...

Book 10 Plot?? Gamache called in to solve "Maple Syrup Murder". Financially-troubled distributor found in sticky situation after theft of 10 million pounds of syrup from Quebec warehouse. Purloined sweet stuff flows south into U.S. breakfast restaurants. Evil lurks as pancake and waffle lovers rejoice.

Thanks again for coming to Denver.

Sue Mom of Two said...

I'm hot into the plot of The Beautiful Mystery and LOVING IT! As a musician myself (using the term loosely)and a long time lover of chants, I find the plot VERY intriguing.

I'm taking it slow because I never want the books to end because then I have to wait a LONG time for the next one. :(

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there at the Poisoned Pen to see you tonight. I have my book ordered from there though, signed of course. Actually, I've alread read THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY and loved it so very much. Louise, your gift is just astounding and I'm so grateful that you share it with us in the form of your books. You are truly an artist. I was stunned, amazed, and heartbroken by this book. I am recommending it to one and all. Hope your time at PP is wonderful. Say hello to Lesa and Cathy (Kittling: Books) for me. Sure they will both be there.

BusyB said...

I just left Phoenix and I so wish I could have visited the Poisoned Pen while you were there. The month of August has been Gamache month. I have read all your books this month. The Beautiful Mystery is waiting on my shelf. Oh, I hate for it to end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise in Phoenix from also hot but pleasant Montreal.

Moments ago, I finished reading A Trick of the Light and i am still mesmerized, sipping a glass of red wine with 2 ice cubes (please don't tell the French).

If this is what placed you on #4 spot of the NYT, I wonder what The Beautiful Mystery will do.

You have come a very l-o-n-g way, now only competing with yourself.

What a treat, and I am also fortunate that I have read all your books in the series in the chronological order. It is so much more fun!

Thansk also for keepin in touch daily with us, your readers, we need you.

V.T. Slajer

Annabelle Benson said...

ms penny, I just finished reading "Beautiful Mystery";
I am a devoted fan, and this was an outstanding
book. HOWEVER. I insist you get busy and write
another immediately, and resolve this issue!!! Plus - I missed
my friends from Three Pines.
Ann Benson