Saturday, 25 February 2012


snow, blowing snow - temps minus 7

Yippeee - went to bed as the blizzard began and awoke to what you see. Very difficult for me to capture on my old Blackberry, feels more dramatic than it looks. This is Trudy and me on our morning walk....about a foot of snow has fallen already, with more on the way. We can now barely see the trees at the other end of the pond.

Got a soaker taking the composting out to our compost bin, out back. It felt like childhood. And so great to shake the snow out of my boots when I got back inside - brush it off my socks, then head to the fireplace, put my wet feet up on the hearth - and let them dry. Our home now smells of coffee, wet dog, and wet wool. ahhh, home.

Finished reading the film script. Will let it digest for the weekend, then will contact the producers. It is all, for me, a learning process - and one thing that I've learned with age, it to pause. Think. Reflect. Be quiet. Then speak. so important to sit in silence. And equally important to speak. Neither necessarily comes naturally.

Bird feeders are full...good thing too. I think, through the window, you can see one of them - an open box...and I think there's a blue jay in it. We get blue jays and black capped chickadees and woodpeckers and mourning doves and purple finches - and what a friend called 'lbj's...little brown jobs. Yesterday we got home to find a family of wild turkeys. I keep hoping for a cardinal, but so far nothing.

We had some sad news yesterday. Lucy and Danny, from Brome Lake Books, had to put their golden Jessie down. Jessie was such a part of their family, and of the bookstore. So often there....but clearly slowing down and having difficulty walking of late. And finally, it was time. We're desperately sad for Danny and Lucy and their boys. What emptiness in the home. Jessie was also Trudy's mom. A lovely dog.

Good girl, Jessie. Good girl.


Jeanine Cronin said...

How very sad about Jessie. I know you are grieving deeply.

Love the pictures of the snow. Trudy is such a dear. We have had an unusually mild winter here in New Hampshire and have noticed that we have had very few birds at our feeders this year. We have missed them.

lil Gluckstern said...

I am sorry about Jessie. I just put my kitty of 14 years down, and the house feels so empty. I'm so used to her walking and "talking' to me. I love the picture of trudy in the snow. Enjoy the snow and the fire :)

Debbie said...

Please give my condolences to Danny and Lucy. It is very hard to lose a pet.

We had a good dumping of snow here in Ottawa. Got up this morning and shovelled and used the snowblower as the plow had gone by during the night and left a pile of ice in the driveway. Now it is down to bare pavement. Just the way I like it.

cathyj said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us. I check everyday to see if you have written. I also love seeing the pictures.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on the exciting news about the film.

So VERY glad to see the snow! We are headed to Sutton two weeks today to ski, and have been watching the snow reports daily. Last weekend we were ready to have a change of plans and go else where, but after the reports this week, we are headed to the slopes!! AND the tarte aux sirop d'erable, can't wait!!!

Thank you for the information about Jessie, sad for Lucy and Danny. We will know now to give our condolences when we head to the bookstore, which is also part of our annual trip.

Luce said...

Hi Louise

I am excited for the film to come. Good Luck !

I just finish last night the fourth book in french Défense de tuer. What a story. I just loved it, you are so good to describe the environnement. The on where stand the crime and the other one, the most intelligent one , in the hearth and saoul of the people.

So sad to hear for Danny and Lucy. I know how it feel, and mes pensées sont avec eux. I will have this decision to take to soon for my 30 years old horse.

Have a nice day


Daryl Edelstein said...

You have a good attitude, it will serve you well during pre-production where patience is much needed ..

sweet Jessie is over the Rainbow Bridge playing happily ..

Anonymous said...

Tom Selleck would be perfect to play Detective G. Probably doesn't speak french though. shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear about Jessie. A friend and fellow fan met her in Oct. 2010 when we visited the store. Goldens are the best!