Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Day!

bright, brilliant sun, temps minus 10

someone asked the very good question recently about the temperatures....yes, they're in Celsius. so our zero is plus 32 in the Imperial (Fahrenheit) scale. Canada switched to the Metric system back in the early 80's, when it looked like all of North America would go....and then didn't. Still, it's sort of fun. Distinguishing. And once we got used to it (sort of) it makes sense, being based on a scale of metres and kilometeres. Kilo, as you know, is a form of Kilometre means a heavy metre. See how easy it is? And how well I've adjusted? Nothing to it.

this is leap day - which I will not try to explain in the metric system (though I could if I wanted to). It's a gift of a day - so fun. Happy Leap Day - especially those of you celebrating birthdays.

It also feels like a special gift to me - one more day of 'vacation' before starting to write the next book. We've decided to use the cottage next door (which we had been renting to friends) as my office. I can't think why we didn't do this years ago! As some of you might remember, I rented an office space in Sutton (the nearest village) a few years ago, for a couple of years (books 3 and 4 were written there). I felt the need to separate 'church and state'....home from writing. It worked as a fabulous psychological transition. And made it easier to relax when I got home. I can see how working at home is a mixed much easier, more comfortable....but isolating, and so difficult to shut off.

But after a couple of years I realized it was just a long way to we gave up that office and I wrote here at home.

But now I've decided to head next door. And it's perfect!!! Set up as an office - and no phone calls at all! No internet either - so no email distractions. Just the fireplace, the laptop, a kitchen to make coffee and lunch...and complete focus, in beautiful and familiar surroundings. And right next door!

Feel like a complete idiot not to have thought of it earlier.

Will report to you how it's going and feeling.

today I just want to sit quietly and 'see' the opening scene. Crucial. It is, actually, often changed in subsequent re-writes - but for the first draft it's so important to get off in the right direction....and reestablish Gamache and Clara etc. the characters, the tone, the village, the feel. that duality of great beauty and foreboding. Of something not quite right in Eden. Of friendship and hope and belonging. Under threat.

While part of me is afraid to start, and even bigger part can hardly wait to see how the villagers are doing!

Oh, tomorrow the March newsletter goes out, and in it is another contest (a draw really) to win an advance readers copy (arc) of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY (which will be published August 28th). if you want to get in on it, just go to the website and sign up for the free newsletter.

Enjoy this exceptional day!


Jeanine Cronin said...

Oh, Goody! Another new book in the making! Love the sound of your new office ... can just picture a fire in the fireplace and smell the coffee in the kitchen. How can anything but wonderful things come from such an enchanted setting?

cathyj said...

I wish you great peace and comfort in writing your book. So many of cannot wait!!

Jackie Houchin said...

How we are enjoying your almost daily posts! I'm eager for your new book to begin, but also already missing the time with us here on Facebook. Happy writing in your cozy cottage next door. May the scenes, the senses, the very heart and soul of the story flow like the brooks of summer.

Wolfman said...

In the metric system, kilo actually means 1,000. The kilo you refer to is actually a shortened version of kilogram (kg) meaning 1,000 grams. Kilometre (km) actually means 1,000 metres. Likewise, a kilowatt (kw) means 1,000 watts.

Can't wait for the next book.

Elizabeth said...

Would love to have you post picture of your work space on your blog.

Linda said...

Oh, I always look forward to your blog posts. And, I'm excited to hear about the August book. My book club just read Still Life, and we have some new fans for you! Everyone loved it. Gamache was a HUGE hit and we'd all like one, please. :) Absolutely THRILLED to see you on the Bouchercon 2012 attendee list. Yelled loudly last year when you won the Anthony!

darlene said...

My internet's been down for a few days due to a glitch in the provider's equipment. Great to be back -- can't live without it now.

Condolences re Jessie. Our animals are so dear to us. Nice to know she lives on through Trudy. Wonderful Trudy.

I am trying to imagine you in your made-to-order-office-for-a-writer. With a fireplace, no less! (which you need because you live where it's so cold) but how cozy and creativity inspiring. Your books can't get any better, but if they could, they would, being created in a place like this. Wow! Enjoy the journey.