Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yes, we have no storm

snow, windy, temps minus 2

The storm that was forecast never showed up here in Montreal - but we're very happy to have come into the city a day early. There was a huge storm expected - up to 40 cms of snow...yesterday. Michael's two sons were visiting us in the country and were supposed to stay until today, then drive in to Montreal. We were leaving too - to spend a few days here and relax. But with the 'weather bomb' forecast we had a large bacon and eggs late breakfast, then all packed up and scooted in to the city.

Traveling was so easy - and a relief not to have to worry about the weather.

Arrived in time for a late lunch at Bistro on the Avenue, on Greene ave (Bistro burger and fries) with the guys - then they left and Michael and I rented some movies and lay on the bed and began our 'vacation'.

Awoke to...nothing. No storm. A bit of snow right now, but hardly the blizzard we'd expected. yes, we have no bananas.

Apparently in the country there was epic rain, and now the temperatures are plunging, so the Eastern Townships will soon be a huge skating rink.

I could go on, and I know this is fascinating, but I think I'll stop talking about the weather.

.... hmmm .... nothing else comes to mind. ....

Actually, since we came in a day early (did I mention the storm warnings?) we now have a day 'free'. I plan to spend it writing the January newsletter and drinking coffee. And watching the dvds we rented. So lovely to have pretty much no agenda while here. I have a telephone interview tomorrow with a big Canadian lifestyle magazine (I'll be in the pjs, lying on the unmade bed, with crumbs stuck to my face - talking about my lifestyle) Then have to actually get dressed and head to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation studios for a live interview on Radio Noon. should air about 12:30 tomorrow. Shawn Appel, the host, and I will be talking about making changes in our lives...hitting a certain point in our lives and deciding the joke is over and it's time to finally go for the dream. Or, perhaps, I'll talk about the weather. A gal can dream.

Hope you're enjoying this always magical week between Christmas and New Year. Always seems such a gift, of time and family, of frivolity and quiet times. A deep breath.

Talk soon - hope you're well.


JKW said...

Ice rink instead of tons of sn*w is much worse I would think. . . I remember those days. Will we be able to catch the interview posted somewhere we can hear it, I'm in So, FL. Everyday is magical (I'm at that age. . . Blessings, Janet Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing so many happy moments this year. I look forward to what's to come.
Happy New Year!
Karen L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,

Looking forward to hear you ONCE MORE LIVE on Radio Noon tomorrow.

And thanks for all the blog entries throughout the year, letting your readers to be a small part of the creative process. Reading the series now feels almost like going home, any time.

All the best to you and Michael in 2012.

And if anybody cares, there is a nasty storm brewing currently in Montreal.


danielle-momo said...

A une heure de Montréal,à la campagne, c'est la tempete (neige et vents violents) présentement.

Louise, vous etes si drole. Je vous voyais,dans votre pyjama, donner votre entrevue et je riais toute seule.

Je souhaite le meilleur ( santé, satisfaction, paix et bonheur )pour vous et Michael en 2012.

Colombine said...

Vous avez raison Danielle-momo, à la campagne, dans les Laurentides, la nature est recouverte d'un manteau immaculé. Il a neigé tous les jours depuis Noël.

J'aimerais souhaiter à Louise et Michael ainsi qu'à tous les "commentateurs" de ce blogue: