Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel - plus one

bright sunshine, though woke up to flurries - temps minus 3

I meant to wish you a Merry Christmas but our internet was off and on - so just managed a quick greeting on Facebook....but a longer entry here was impossible. So I gave up and rejoined Michael and Doug by the fireplace.

We had a beautiful Christmas. The photo was taken on Christmas snow, followed by a cloudless sky. It was simply breath taking. I took the photo from our front porch.

Christmas Day itself was perfect, from our hermetic point of view. Mild, but snowy and windy - quiet dramatic. And made us feel all the more content and snug by the fire. We listened to carols and talked all day - except for a brief period late in the afternoon when we watched a movie. then back to the fireplace.

Such a peaceful rhythm to our lives here. We drop by neighbours with little gifts and cards - and they drop by here. It's almost always a bit of baking.

I have eaten far too much - even had the dreaded 'seconds' of turkey dinner. I love thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, stuffing, and lise's chocolate and mint mousse. Then chocolates and clementines. I awoke this morning vowing never to eat again. but now am remembering the turkey leg and egg nogg in the fridge. I might need professional help!

Doug has left - and the bedding had been cleaned and beds remade for Michael's two sons who are arriving this afternoon. We made the traditional turkey casseroles from the leftovers - in layers. Made three. One for tomorrow night and one each for the guys to take home with them. Tonight, we have a special treat....Pat's Christmas gift to us is a vat of her spectacular seafood chowder. With fresh baguette I picked up in the village this morning.

Gary hoping to come tomorrow to take some photos - but snow forecast, so that might not work! Then lunch in Knowlton with Lise, at Cafe Floral while Michael takes his sons to lunch. Breakfast on Wednesday with Cheryl. Lovely to have time to see friends.

Michael and I hope you have had the sort of Christmas you wanted - whether it was quiet or rowdy - parties or peaceful times - or a mix of all of that. We wish you warmth and love. And offer our thanks for being there for both of us.

Happy holidays.


Anonymous said...

Et joyeuse Noel a vous autres.

RDM @ Kingston

danielle-momo said...

J'ai eu un Noel tranquille comme je les aime. Ma fille et son ami sont venus diner et après on a jasé auprès du feu en regardant la neige tomber au dehors:formidable.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai fait un saut à St-Bruno pour remettre ses cadeaux à ma filleule et comme il faisait beau, c'était très agréable.
Bonne semaine à vous et Michael

Eileen Barrow said...

Hello Louise,
How lovely were your thoughts about Christmas -- truly peaceful and loving! We hosted a sit-down dinner on Christmas Eve for 23 -- not exactly peaceful, but very loving and hopeful for 2012. Thank you for your very encouraging blogs! Although I've not (yet) tackled a mystery, I have had a few entries about family, faith and business accepted and published. I wish you, Michael and your loved ones a very happy and successful New Year 2012!
Eileen Barrow

Miss Diane said...

Finalement, nous avons eu le Noël blanc que nous espérions! Bonne fin d'année à vous et aux vôtres!

Cailf. Gal said...

Looks mighty pretty there. Here it's in the 70's, sunny and warm. It's also peaceful as all the family has gone home and left a weekend of pleasure behind.

Rosemary said...

And here in Scotland it's cloudy and dull - today I stayed in bed reading till after 11am, - a once a year treat as I usually have to put my daughters on the train at 7.30am. It's also great not to have to think about food any more - enough left to last a week, I hope.
Hoping to walk at Tyningham beach later.

Happy 27th!

stella said...

Hi Louise, looks beautiful there, here in Kitchener we are still without any snow to mention but at least it didn't rain. Sounds like you had a Merry Christmas. We had a very busy one and ate too much also. Happy New Year to you and Michael.

Barbara said...

I love to log on and see all your comments from around the world. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania where we have just a bit of snow but the roads are clear and we're expecting rain this evening. Our Christmas wasn't so good - husband ill - but he's getting better and this should be a nice, calm week. Glad you're having such a wonderful Christmas week.