Monday, 5 December 2011

Goodbye New York...

rain, mild, temps 8

Well, we're back home....sort of. Michael's in sutton and I'm in Montreal. But we're back from New York City.

You know, I honestly can't imagine a more magical time! Not a single moment of the four days was marred or flawed or anything other than wonderful. Here are a few photos from the last few days in New York.

You can see Michael and me in front of the famous Picasso back cloth painting, hanging in the hallway of the Four Season's restaurant. We'd actually forgotten it was there, and as we were walking down the long hallway we both stopped at once, and gasped. There it was! And here it is, enhanced by the two goofy, blurry people obscuring it. Enjoy!

That was Friday night. Before arriving for dinner Michael and I went to Saks Fifth Avenue, because he's forgotten all his ties at home. Two suits - no ties. and because he's a bow-tie guy we can't just buy one on a street corner from the fella also selling hot chestnuts and giant pretzels. When we came out of Saks we noticed all these people staring at the outside of the building....some apparently filming it. We turned around and - voila! A light show was being projected on it.

Very fun....and very intricate.

From there we walked down to the rink at Rockefeller Centre - to see the huge lighted Christmas tree. You can see the photo of Michael - having all sorts of bright ideas.

We had a fabulous dinner with my editor, hope and charlie.

Then on Saturday Michael woke up not feeling great - upset stomach - so we ordered room service and spent the day literally in bed. Reading the newspaper, books, watching TV....napping. By late afternoon Michael was feeling well enough to go to the gala at the MetLife Centre for the Nero Awards. It's called the Black Orchid Banquet and the people are all passionate about the writing of Rex Stout - huge fans of Nero Wolfe. it was fascinating to hear them discuss nuances I never knew existed, though I read a lot of the Nero Wolfe books when I was younger....and even developed a bit of a girlish crush on Archie.

The Black Orchid Novella Award (bona) was also given out that night to James Lincoln Warren. It'll be published in the Alfred Hitchcock Magazine, and it sounds wonderful! Congratulations Jim. He also gave a beautiful, gracious, moving speech.

And then the Nero was announced. You know the results. I was so happy to be there - it was a remarkable moment, to be in a room filled with men in tuxes and women in the MetLife building in Manhattan....accepting an award named for one of the great creations in detective fiction. Wow.

On sunday Michael and I had breakfast at a nearby neighborhood hangout....Friend of the Farmer - which our friend Susan recommended last time we were in NYC. We loved it so much we returned. Then we walked all the way uptown, to Central Park, and took a horse and carriage ride through the park. then met my british publisher, who happened to be in NYC, at the Plaza for afternoon tea in the Palm room. A really magnificent room!

I'll tell you, New York anytime is wonderful - but at Christmas, it's even more extraordinary. Genuinely magical.

Then today we had breakfast, hopped a cab to JFK and onto a short jetBlue (45 minutes) flight to Burlington, VT. From there we got the car and drove to Richford, to pick up some packages and mail some on....then across the border to Quebec. As wonderful as New York was, it always feels great to cross back into Canada. Nothing political or social or anything more meaningful than home. As simple as that.

Though we are dreaming of a pied a terre in Gramercy Park! Never hurts to dream.

I dropped Michael at home, organized my clothes, then back into the car to drive to Montreal. I'll be speaking tomorrow at the annual Christmas luncheon of the Women's Canadian Club.

Then back into the car....and home! Dreadful rain driving in tonight. Driving rain. And some snow in the forecast for tomorrow - but it sure will be great to close the door behind us....and cocoon.

Thanks for your company in NYC. We left the hotel bill for you to pay....


Linda said...

Thanks again, Louise, for sharing your life with us. I love to follow your adventures, and see the photos too!
Happy cocooning!

Famille Gerdel said...

Ah... New York, la belle! J'étais là lors de la tempête de verglas, le 29 octobre dernier. Plus de 1000 arbres dans Central Park ont été affectés.

C'est bien, tes billets. Cela donne à rêver, Louise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
This is yet another fascinating story - first the tremendous success of The Trick of the Light, then all those awards, now New York City. Thank you for having invited all of us, your readers to ride along. It reminds me of the time long time ago when Joan Crawford 'invited' her fans to her home, using the technology available then, the newly invented television. It went a long way. And so does your blog. I always read all the entries and worry about you when there is a day or two of silence. It is nice to have you back home in Canada!