Saturday, 10 December 2011

Peace and quiet

bright sunshine, new snow, mild, temps minus 3

Perfect winter day. My slight cold seems to have gone to my voice, so I sound like an adolescent boy. Lucky Michael.

So exciting to hear that the Toronto Globe and Mail has named A Trick of the Light one of the Best Crime Novels of 2011! Such an honour - and such fabulous's a great list. I'm afraid I don't know how to do a link here, but Marjorie has a link up on my Facebook page, if you're interested. All great books!

Finally a quiet day. No one expected....though that often means nothing. Still, I have to say, it is very nice to have people drop in, and know they're welcome. But it's also nice to have nothing at all in our agendas for today or tomorrow.

The only issue now is that we're having some difficulty getting the TV to work. But that's not surprising. We're really in the middle of nowhere. No cable. We rely on satellite. If a cloud, or large bird, flies by we lose transmission. Thank God we're not the DEW line!

poor Luc, from Electronquie Knowlton has practically set up a cot here. We're considering putting him in our wills. But now he thinks he's solved it. I think mice in the basement might not help either. High tech, confounded by clouds and mice. Sort of poetic and perfect, really.

King's College Cambridge has ceded their place to Bing Crosby. He's now singing Silver Bells. I'm not sure I'd normally be drawn to the song or style - but this album is so intertwined and empowered by 50 years of Christmas memories, that I can't imagine the holidays without it.

We took the photo last night, to show you the lights on the honeysuckle outside the sitting room window. Hard to see in the photo, but you get the idea.

Have taken advantage of the quiet to wrap all the gifts. Most of the cards done too. Great feeling.

Heard from Linda in Scotland...a little damage from that 'weather bomb' a few days ago - but most back to normal now.

Michael has finished his jigsaw and is now beside the fire with his Sudoku. I plan to spend the afternoon reading. Ahhhh. Hope you're happy and healthy and enjoying your weekend.

Speak soon!


Cindy D. said...

Having spent many summers in Canada I often fantasize about living there. In my fantasy, the government is kinder, the people are more gentle, and the countryside is more beautiful.
Then I read you say, "Perfect winter day, minus 3 degrees" and I have to rethink that idea. Living in Central Texas for the majority of my life has made my blood a little thin for such extreme cold.
But keep writing because in an alternative universe I'm right there with you having a cup of tea and looking lovingly at Armand.
Thank you for helping me create such a beautiful alternative universe. :)

danielle-momo said...

White Christmas par Bing Crosby était la chanson préférée de ma mère. Elle joue souvent à la radio en cette période de l'année.Meme après 35 ans, je ne peux l'entendre sans que les larmes me montent aux yeux.
Bon week end à vous et Michael.

Michelle said...

After a hectic morning of getting the last minute shopping done I now get to sit and put my feet up and read "A Trick of the Light". Am almost halfway through and I think this is my favourite one yet!! Trying not to read too fast because I know it is a year before I get to "see" Gamache again!!

VT Slajer said...

Hi Louise,

Here is the link to G&M:

Bravo again,


Nancy said...

Cindy D. remember, minus 3 in Canada is Celcius, so it is an actually lovely winter day. I love when the temperature hovers around -5 or so. Fresh enough to be out, yet not bitterly cold!

Barbara said...

I'm enjoying peace and quiet this weekend too and it's a treat after too much busyness. We have just a little snow and it's cold, 30 degrees F, but it's very pretty outside.

How I would love to be working a jigsaw puzzle. I adore them but I've done the few I have so many times they aren't a challenge anymore. Perfect for winter days.