Tuesday, 20 December 2011


slight flurries off and on, then sunny. temps minus 7

Not much snow, but still, just enough to cover the grass. Rain forecast for tomorrow...ugh. but - sometimes, when it's raining in the village, it's snowing up here. Fingers crossed.

The photo was taken by Susan, when we took Trudy for a walk on Sunday morning. Yes, there I am, in my pajamas. Outside. in winter. And proud of it. Thank God I'm already married - this look might not appeal to every man. Or woman. but dogs? They love it!

Having a lovely time - feel myself creaking back to 'normal'. I'm sure you know that feeling....waking up, and immediately 'switching on' - surveying all that has to be done that day. And then that amazing realization...nothing. Or at least nothing crucial. No speeches, no planes, no long drives, no dinners. No book to write, or re-write, or edit. Yet.

this is bliss. Just the regular daily chores and events. Calls to make, slight problems to solve. But no mountain to climb. No need to watch the weather. No need to formulate a plan b. or even a plan a.


All the beds are made, the big groceries bought, the meals planned, the gifts wrapped. All heading to Friday when family begins to arrive. They're coming in shifts. And we love them all.

Tomorrow Gary is dropping by, if possible and weather permits, to take more author photos - hoping to do them outside, so it needs to be winter-y - but not too cold. happily, there's no big rush. Greece wants one asap, but we have some recent ones we might send.

My great friend Lesa Holstein has named A Trick of the light on her year end 'favorites' list. It's a terrific list, for those of you wondering what to read. And she has wonderful comments about why she liked each book. her blog is called Lesa's book critiques.

Hope you're not under stress and are enjoying the season. Michael just came back - gotta run to say hi and give him a hug. Speak soon!


KBurke said...

I truly believe pjs to be winter morning walk the dog wear here in North Bay and they work well clearing walkways as well.

Lesa said...

Happy Christmas season, Louise! I've already celebrated with my family in Ohio at the beginning of December. As my sister said, Christmas is whenever and wherever we get together to celebrate. It was wonderful.

Thank you for the referral to my blog. One of your readers already showed up there, saying you referred her.

And, thank you for A Trick of the Light, actually #1 on my list of favorites. It also went into our library system when they requested our top 5 of the year.

Happy Christmas to you and Michael. Lots of hugs and love.


Nancy said...

If you didn't say, I wouldn't know that you were wearing p.j.s. It's okay as long as you're comfy, I say!
I respect Lesa's reviews and I agree, Trick of the Light is on the top of my personal list, as well.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Susan Thompson said...

Louise, my dog Gypsy and I live at the end of a country road on our lakeshore in western Minnesota. First "potty" outing of the day for her is often with me in pjs. I adored Trick of the Light and agree with my friend (librarian at our church) who introduced me to your work originally that "its the best one yet." Thank you!

Susan T.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these bits of your life with us, Louise. Merry Christmas to you, Michael, Trudy, and all the rest of your right-hand people and family.

Rosemary said...

When my first retriever was a puppy I used to be standing outside in the snow with her, then feeding her her Weetabix in the back of my car to try to desensitise her (she hated car travel) - all in my PJs in the snow, and I was at the time 6 months pregnant. Luckily we lived in a remote part of Scotland at the time.

Here in the UK we have not yet got A Trick of the Light, but I think your books just get better and better, and as an aspiring writer I am so encouraged by you, Louise. I am always recommending your books to friends, saying 'this is someone who knows how to write a wonderful story without being depressing, artsy, etc' (we have all had it with the gloom ridden stuff that seems to proliferate just now).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Jeanine Cronin said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you and Michael and Trudy. I so enjoy reading these glimpses into your lives. I'm looking forward to the New Year and anxiously awaiting the release of The Beautiful Mystery. Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

Trudy looks like she's ready to take off after that stick if you'll only throw it - please!

I want to wish you and Michael and Trudy and wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope your house will be full, warm, and very merry.

Reine said...

Hi Louise,

Merry Christmas and happiness to all in your life.

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is my favorite, as well. Relationships and life . . . that's where my love in reading is.

Heading over to Lesa's blog now.

Kendall says hi.

Rebecca said...

Just "met" you - via A Trick of Light (and I can't remember who introduced us)!

I'm almost finished - was taking a break to blog a bit. Now back to the book. Want to finish before Christmas!