Sunday, 16 October 2011


windy, cool, leaves swirling off the trees, temps 11

A real autumn day - threatening, strong wind - it's raining leaves. But actually, a wonderful Sunday. Took Trudy for a walk and roll - Michael and I then drove to just outside Bromont and met Cotton for brunch at this wonderful place - bistro and bakery called Canael. To be honest, from the outside it isn't the most charming place, but don't be fooled. Inside it is wonderful. Especially the food. The brunch was a set plate with all sorts of small 'tastings'. Like a french tapas for brunch. Sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, croissant aux amandes (killers!!!), thinly slices potato and cheese pie, a strawberry/custard tarte. But all bite sized, so it was this riot of flavours. Yummy.

and just about the best cafe au lait we've ever had.

Good thing too, since I broke the Nespresso machine this morning. Well, it was already malfunctioning - half the coffee was going in the cup the other half into the reservoir. So we were losing half the coffee. So I started pressing buttons - at random. And the machine started fighting back. Blinking and winking. a little concerned it might be code, and could just imagine what it was saying. Probably much the same things I was thinking.

So we did the only reasonable thing. Unplugged it and left. Had two huge cafe au laits over brunch and just returned home. Called Nespresso, not expecting much - and got just the most charming young woman, who walked me through it, and fixed not only the winking lights (she didn't even make me feel silly) - and the missing coffee (seems one of the spouts might have been clogged up). She was a wonder. I envy her children. Such good humour and patience.

Lise dropped by, as did Daniel, who clears our snow - so that we could make arrangements for this winter too. Pat is on her way up. Not sure why. Then will relax by the fire.

The editor's notes for book 8 - which is set in a monastery and is called THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY - arrived friday night. Thankfully there are very few suggestions - but a couple. The editors, Hope and Dan, without fail make my books stronger. It's such an interesting process - both strongly individual (the creation of the stories and development of the characters) and collaborative (the editing, where I need to be open to their thoughts and suggestions).

The trick is to know which suggestions to take, and which ones not to. But to always have an open mind. Not always as easy as it sounds! Especially with one of my 'babies'.

Off to make some hot chocolate for michael and tea for me. Enjoy your Sunday!


Laraine said...

I don't comment often, Louise, but I can't resist just a note of gratitude for your sharing your musings and experiences. I used to live in Wisconsin, and the beauty and peace of autumn days and the ritual processes of settling in for winter are somehow ingrained in me, even in So.Cal, and I find myself drawing a breath and relaxing as I read. I love your books, and appreciate your work and your respectful rapport with editors and such. Wishing you and Michael all the best . . . .

Anonymous said...

I love the title for the new book. Will the next title be The Sorrowful Mystery?

Happy Fall, gorgeous here too on the tundra.

Nurse Ann in Rochester

lil Gluckstern said...

I love the picture of Trudy, and the beautiful fall leaves. Not much of those here in Northern California-we do have lots of pumpkins. I'm feeling that wonderful shiver when you write about the editors working on your book. It was so nice traveling along with you on your research, and now it all becomes real.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise

I know this bistro-bakery Canael in Bromont. Go there ever so often with a good friend. They make very good sour dough bread. I agree it is a wonderful place. I've read all your books and now I've begun to read them in French. The translation is very well done. Can't wait for the 8th book at Saint-Benoit du Lac!

MMWelch said...

I just finished Bury Your Dead -- wonderful! I have a question -- is there some Ursuline connection in your life? I was taken by your knowledge of the Quebec OSUs. And when I saw your commitment to literacy it seems all the more possible.