Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheryl Long

sunny, clear blue day - gorgeous autumn day in Montreal - temps 10

Frost warning last they got some in the townships. We're in Montreal, as you can perhaps tell....came in for an interview (taped) for CBC Radio's All in a Weekend. Then have an event at Paragraphe Books on McGill College street in downtown montreal tonight. 6pm. In english.

Then off tomorrow morning - 5am - to drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake. About a 7 hour drive from Montreal. But very pretty - and we can take our time. This is for our annual Thanksgiving weekend family reunion. Since our mother died - eleven years ago - my brothers and I realized if we didn't make the commitment to have have an annual family reunion, we run the risk of drifting apart. Not on purpose, but because we all have hectic lives, and it can just happen. So every year we take turns hosting the event.

Last year it was at Rob and Audi's new home in Regina. And this year we've decided to do something different...we've all hosted the event several years - so we wanted to change it up a bit. So Doug - whose turn it was to host - found a wonderful big old home in the gorgeous region of Niagara...and rented it for the long weekend. Rob and Audi coming from Regina. Kim, Adam and Sarah coming from Edmonton. Doug, Roslyn and Charlie from Toronto and Brian from Virginia. And us from Quebec.

It's been a few years since I visited Niagara region - but I know it is just beautiful. It's where a lot of fruit is grown - very temperate. And terrific wineries, apparently. Really looking forward to seeing everyone. Rob will cook the turkey, we've volunteered to do the vegetables (what are those, again?) And I suspect someone will manage an apple and a pumpkin pie. I love pumpkim pies. Yum.

Saw the sad news about Steve Jobs. What a visionary. I'm writing this on my MacBook. So sad to lose him. But what a legacy he left. And while it was a short life, he seemed to live it to the fullest, and on his terms.

I've slugged this post Cheryl Long because I wanted to tell you about my wonderful friend Cheryl. If you follow the blog you'll know her - we often meet for breakfast. She's Gary's wife, and Joan's aughter-in-law. but way more important, she's her own woman and a brilliant artist and writer. She's combined those two with an illustrate book for children. It's called Dragon Dreams and is just amazing. We love it so much, we bought one of the original works from the book.

Anyway - I thought you might like to see her other here's the link to her website:

And to her page on Amazon -

Hope that works...looks strange to me, but it worked when I tried it. As you might know, I've never done this before with other authors or friends...but i feel so strongly about Cheryl's books and her abilities, I just felt more people should see her work.

Hope you enjoy it too.

and maybe Michael and I will see you tonight at Paragraphe books. Hope you're thriving!


donna said...

Hi Louise - just visited Cheryl's web site - what lovely illustrations. I hope her book is a big success. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our weather forecast for CT on Sunday is for 80 degrees - a little too hot to cook a turkey!

Nancy said...

Enjoy Niagara. Flat Rock wineries is my favourite, but a meal at "On the 20" in Jordan is always a treat too. Thanks for sharing Cheryl's work.

Miss Diane said...

Bon week-end en famille à Niagara. La température sera superbe.

shillelagh said...

Happy thanksgiving!
Enjoy Niagara and do think about going to On the Twenty. The village of Jordan is charming, well worth a visit... and lunch or dinner at On the Twenty is certainly something I'm always thankful for... Then of course there's wine tasting at Cave Springs which is attached to the restaurant block.. owned by the same folks.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your books...first one I read was "The Murder Stone" (has a different title now, I think). Have my hands right now on a library copy of your latest book and am enjoying it immensely. I love Gamache - he brings to mind the character DCI Barnaby of the BBC show "Midsomer Murders". (I hope you don't mind the comparison!) Gamache draws me in with his intensity and compassion, but especially his relationships. Please continue to write - and I will continue to read!