Friday, 14 October 2011


overcast, misty, rainy

Most of the fall colours gone - but fun to swish through the fall leaves. I finally was able to send myself the autumn photo that I took a few days ago on a walk with Trudy.

Am reading Deborah Crombie's amazing new book (out in Feb in North America) called NO MARK UPON HER. Wow!!! You're going to love it - not just a great story, but I just love what she's doing with Duncan and Gemma. Absolutely her best and you just know how great that makes this book.

speaking of crime fiction (for a change) - I wanted to mention, to give you time to get there - that there's an amazing crime writers/readers festival happening in Quebec City at the end of October. It's called QuebeCrime.

I'll be there - doing an event on Friday night - but far more exciting are the other writers.

Ian Rankin!
Lawrence Block!
Denise Mina!
Andrew Pyper!
Ian Hamilton!

and lots more - and it's in Quebec City!! And most of the events take place in - wait for it - the Literary and Historical Society in the Morrin Centre in Old Quebec. Honestly, this is just wonderful. You'll need tickets, of course...if you go to you can get all the info.

See you there -

Back to Deborah Crombie.


Nancy said...

Love your photo today! So peaceful.

Lee Ann said...


Lisa May said...

I will buy a lotto ticket this weekend - just in case I'm meant to get to QuebeCrime.

Donna K said...

Saw your comments on the cover of a G.M. Malliet novel and so immediately bought it, site unseen, contents unknown...ha It's a good thing your name doesn't appear on other commodities or I'd have to second mortgage our house.
Very exciting about your upcoming around the world plans. Life is good. Donna K

eliz said...

I finished reading The Brutal Telling on my Kindle and I am disturbed by what appears to be an editing error. The number 16 is above the cabin door and used to try and break the code but in two instances the number is referred to as 17 not 16. Is the publisher aware of this and has it been corrected for future editions?