Thursday, 13 October 2011

home - quiet days

overcast, rainy and windy temps 12

perfect day. Rain - and therefore quiet. Absolutely wonderful to sleep beside Michael - feel Trudy sneak up onto the bed and curl up at our feet into a tight ball of golden retriever. Thanksgiving was amazing - but it's sure great to be home. took a fall photo out by the pond and wanted to show you before we lost all the leaves (which happened today in the rain and wind - definitely past peak now) - but then the Blackberry network crashed. I'm quite relieved to hear it - I was wondering why our messages suddenly wouldn't send, and we hadn't received one in 6 hours.

Odd feeling. Both relieved and mystified. Nothing that needed responding to - but suddenly felt sort of bereft.

Will post the photo when I can. Strangely enough I just tried to re-send and it wouldn't go. Oh well.

The renovations are going brilliantly - thank god. We had just enough sunny , dry weather that they were able to rebuild both roofs - and finished yesterday. Today the rains came. Wow. Perfect.

Now they're working indoors - and I hope going like stink since the Ikea kitchen comes next week, as does the gas fireplace. I'm praying to the construction gods - Mercury perhaps, with his little helmet? Thor with his hammer. I think the Gods of Construction must have a sense of humour - and feed on money.

Still - no flights, no drives, no speaking. Just loving being home and even working in the kitchen. I missed cooking, can you believe it. Lunacy, I tell you - book tours bring on lunacy - though hardly a big transition from my normal state.

Michael's just left for the main house to check on construction...the hole for the fireplace was put off about half a foot - just enough to slightly annoy. And now the stained glass window Kirk found from an old Quebec nunnery, has also gone in off centre. Apparently there was no choice - and I believe them. They're really very good. It's just sort of funny that suddenly everything is just off centre.

Can't possibly be a message. From the Gods of Construction? Don't worry about such details, when so much is perfect.

Got it.

Loving being home. I think you know how I feel - but I just need to keep sighing and saying that. Though, interestingly, Michael and I have decided to plan an around-the-world trip to celebrate his 80th birthday. We'll do it a little early, but might as well. Perhaps in a year or so. So I find myself at home, googling 'around the world flights'.

How strange life can be. And delightful.


Margaret J. McMaster said...

My dream is to go around the world on the Queen Mary 2. I've crossed the Atlantic on the QM2 and it was much more relaxing than flying.

Mary said...

I agree with Margaret, a luxury liner is the way to go. Much more relaxing than flying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise. How happy you are to be home. Your joy is palpable ! No matter where one travels ,the sight of our own front door brings peace and contentment. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Around-the-world-trip for Michael's 80th, what a GREAT idea!
There are so many options, especially when you have time to plan ahead. And places and cities (like Prague) to include in the itinerary.
I recall one famous Czech movie director (died this year at the age of 101) who went to Barbados for his 98th birthday and wanted to go back for his 100th. He also had a special wish: He wanted to combine a Czech culinary feast with local colour, i.e. being entertained by local exotic dancers.
Does Michael have a special wish in that respect?

Barbara said...

One thing that certainly makes one appreciate home is travel on a schedule, or even not on a schedule. I think your around the world trip sounds like a dream of a lifetime trip. I love home and I love travel too.