Sunday, 9 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

sunny, hot, temps 30

An absolutely unbelievable Thanksgiving weekend. spectacular weather - and loving being with the whole family! We've rented a home very close (walking distance) to the main street in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Five bedrooms....almost enough for the 11 of us. Only young Roslyn needs to sleep on the floor. We made her a bed of cushions....then last night her cousins found a rubber chicken in the garage, that squeaks, loudly, when squeezed, and put it under her bed. Then filled her with ghost stories.

You can imagine the result.

Having just a blast. We decided to have Thanksgiving dinner last night - saturday night...we'd normally do it Sunday or Monday - but we wanted Sunday to eat leftovers and my older brother Rob cooked the turkey...Michael and I helped with the stuffing and did sweet potatoes - Doug did the regular potatoes and brussel sprouts. Mary did the pumpkin pie. We don't describe what Buttercup (the hound from Hell) contributed - but if we ever had to reassemble the turkey there'd be some bones missing.

It was wonderful. You can see our 'Official" thanksgiving photo.

And the weather was so glorious we went for long walks and chats and sat outside. And just visited.

Then today, we all decided to head to Niagara Falls and do the Maid of the Mist - the boat the goes under the falls. It was amazing!!! Absolutely breath-taking. We took lots of photos - and you can see, it was another splendid day.

they gave us the blue Smurf rain wear - and we still got absolutely drenched. But so fun. We laughed the whole time. The boat ride was about half an hour - and unforgettable. I had a memory of Niagara Falls being unbelievably tacky - and deeply unattractive....but I realize it wasn't (thank goodness) the falls themselves....those have been kept pristine, with lovely walks and parts and trees...but it's the least the parts we saw. Very unfortunate. But at least the falls have been protected and are just amazing.

As I write, sitting outside in the garden, I can hear Rob and Doug and Rob's wife Audi preparing dinner for tonight (I've already joined them and did my chopping - but must get back before they decided to put the rubber chicken in our bed!). So lovely to hear them just talking, comfortably. Michael's upstairs having a little lie-down....probably just quiet time. The kids are off at a 'haunted' pub.

Michael and I are heading out at 5am tomorrow - back to Quebec. Doug and his kids heading out mid-morning. Rob and Audi and their kids leaving on Tuesday.

Hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving - as Canadians, or honourary Canadians. Eh?


Lisa May said...

Here in Texas we are giving thanks for rain today :) This sounds like a great break for you after touring!

The Leader of the Band Navigates Retirement said...

Make that "Eh" affirmative!

John said...

We can certainly give thanks for our neighbors and friends to the North! Eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, you would NEVER forget your readers. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to you and and all as well. VT

lil Gluckstern said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving, and you brought back memories. The Canadian side is far more lovely than the American side, and the Falls are simply breathtaking. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!