Thursday, 7 April 2011

A new species of reader

brilliant sunshine, temps 4

Cooler than normal, but at least it's sunny!

this is a fun photo, sent yesterday by a reader named Annie. It's of her cat Phoebe reading Bury Your Dead. Belongs in a TS Eliot poem!

Got up early to drive Michael and his son Vic to the airport. They're off to Chicago for a guys weekend. Meeting oldest son, Mike, there. Mike is celebrating his 50th birthday, and Michael is celebrating his 77th. They staying on the Magnificent Mile, and going to a Second City show, and doing a Frank Lloyd Wright tour tomorrow - and going to another show Friday night.

They do this every year on the birthday weekend. last year the three of them did New York.

I have to say that Chicago is one of my favorite cities. don't get there nearly often enough. Last time we were there, a couple of years ago, Michael and I went on a fascinating river tour. Amazing stories from the history of that city.

Then, once I dropped them at the airport, I scooted home and then off to Nick's, on Greene Ave, for coffee with the head of the film studio. We talked about the films of the first two Gamache books.

It is such a different process - and while I'm an Exec on the project I thank God it's not my job to try to put the deal together. Money, production partners, other countries. all very intricate.

Anyway, right now it looks good. So interesting, though, to get some insight into how the film business works. I can't tell you much right now (it seems to involve farm animals, photoshop, and a few studio execs) but will fill you in as soon as I can.

A day away from writing today. have a newspaper interview in a few minutes. Watching Anatomy of a Murder - old Jimmy Stewart film. We own it, so this isn't the first time I've seen it. wonderful.

thanks for the casting suggestions, by the way. I'm making notes!


Anonymous said...

OK, I think I've slept and missed something. I've been renovating, selling and moving lately and not very good at keeping up with my blog reading. There are possibly going to be films of your books?? How interesting. I'll be waiting to see what happens and trying to picture them in visual format. Hmmm...

lil Gluckstern said...

At least, the cat has good taste! The films sound exciting, and it looks as though they will be well cared for.

John said...

Sweet home, Chicago!! I do hope you get the opportunity to visit again sometime, Louise! It would be wonderful to see you here in my beloved hometown. I always knew that you have impeccable taste, but you just went up another notch! :-)
Look forward to seeing you at Bouchercon. (Go Blackhawks!!!)


Janet said...

I've got to echo John. We have a wonderful city on the shores of Lake Michigan and the weather is supposed to be beautiful ... once we got out of this fog. Go White Sox.

Jodi said...

Love that photo; my cat likes to read too.

(White Sox? Nah. Go Yankees!)


Colombine said...

Que ça doit être excitant et palpitant de parler "films". Ce sera une expérience sans pareille. Anyway, ça donne des ailes pour poursuivre l'écriture... BRAVO!!
Je ne suis jamais allée à Chicago mais c'est une prochaine destination. Je vais à New-York le w-end de Pâques par contre.

Barbara said...

I used to live in a suburb of Chicago and fell in love with the city. Theater, sports, the lake, Navy Pier, gorgeous buildings and museums, and the best libraries and historical archives - I could live there very happily.

VT Slajer said...

As a cat lover, I have to say: A gorgeous picture, and he/she can read as well, and Louise's book on top of that! Who can ask for anything more? Maybe only Chicago can top it. That city has always been good to me, and I am glad NOT only to me.

Reine said...

Louise, I hope some of your wonderful poetry makes its way into the films.