Thursday, 21 April 2011

Food Photos

snow! (unless those mushrooms in the omlette were odd) temp at freezing.

had breakfast this morning at Le Cafetier in Sutton with Cheryl, to celebrate her birthday. Lots of fun, and gabbed away. The only downside to this amazing time in my life is that I don't have the time for friends I used to. Saddens me. But my friends are very understanding, and I think they know I do what I can.

hard to find balance. But it sure feels good to be with friends. Re-invigorating.

Then Michael and I scooted across the Quebec it's called the 'frontier' - into Vermont to mail some stuff and get gas. Cheaper in the states, which gives you some insight into how expensive it is here. though it's hard to tell how much cheaper it is in Vermont since we do Canadian dollars per litre and they do American dollars per gallon.

I once tried to figure it out but lost interest after a few minutes. Now I just assume.

Got Michael's car back - did I tell you that? 3 months being repaired after the accident. They could have built a new one in the meantime. they kept saying the parts were back ordered and needed to come from the factory. Honestly - the space shuttle went and returned in the meantime. if the factory was in outer space it would have been faster to get the parts.

Oh well - we have it now, and the family's complete.

We also voted the other day. Canada is in the midst of a federal election. I can barely think about it without feeling my brain boil. So we made sure to vote. I won't tell you how I voted, but I suspect if you read the blog, and the books, you can probably guess.

Susan sent some of the photos from our trip to Quebec City, to celebrate her birthday. This is a season for birthdays! She took about 45 of the food, and one of the view from the hotel. You can see it above, over the St. Lawrence river. Of the other two photos, one is of our sea bass dinner at Pananche, the other is poutine. I'll let you guess which is which.

My brother, Doug, is coming tonight, for Easter. We told him he could bring his crazy dog, Buttercup - the Hound from Hell. But he says she might have other engagements - like eating a motor home or all the silverware.

Buttercup is a yellow lab, without a mean bone in her body - but a surfeit of joy. She loves everything and everyone, and makes spectacular messes as she demonstrates her passion. Trudy wasn't sure what to make of the whirlwind, but after a few visits they've become good friends. I think BC is that fun, whacky friend, who does all the things you wish you could. And gets blamed for everything, even the stuff you do.

Our savior, Nancy, came over for a few hours this afternoon to clean up Michael's computer. We're in the middle of nowhere, so no high speed. Just a satellite link. It must be an old soviet satellite, or one run by our car repair people, because it is veeeerrry sloooow.

Well, off to exercise. And by exercise I mean have a hot bath and watch old episodes of The Avengers.


rapa said...

This helped me with the picture identification. :)

Lisa May said...

I've read a lot about poutine, but never actually seen a picture!

Brenda B. said...

Ah, so lovely to see photos of Quebec City. And poutine.

I'm glad to hear you're finding opportunities to catch up with friends. I'm sure that's such sweet time.

Happy Easter to you and Michael and family. And dogs, too, of course.

Brenda B. in Maine

Nina said...

Love the exercise comment. I'm going to try that one on my hubby. Then I'm going to blame it you when it doesn't fly!!!

Cyndy said...

No question, I am joining your exercise class!

Colombine said...

Ce genre d'exercice me convient tout-à-fait aussi...

Pour ce qui est de l'ordinateur, je sais qu'il existe un rooter qui peut faire un travail extra. Le problème de vitesse est alors résolu. Mon mari devrait vous écrire pour vous expliquer mieux que moi.

À +

Colombine said...

Bonjour Louise,

I'm getting back to you with an Internet access alternative. If you have good cellular coverage at your place, you will be able to use this product from Bell. We are using it at our cottage and it's very efficient. My husband is working for Bell Mobility, that's why I know about it.
Good luck!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all -

Yes, this is definitely the only type of exercise class I can pledge to return to! so glad I'll have company.

And Colombine - thank you. I'll check it out. Amazing if we can get anywhere close to highspeed. Merci.