Saturday, 30 April 2011


sunny, mild, temps 65

Wonderful to be here in Washington. Malice Domestic's a riot. Such fun. packed with readers of mysteries. And writers of mysteries. And to be in such a fun place.

Did the interview with Janet Rudolph yesterday at 3. You can see the photo. Not sure it's in focus, but not Michael's fault - we moved around a lot. Janet's a very funny person! With a love of laughter, as you can see. She's also very thoughtful - in many ways...she judges at chocolate-making competitions, and brought me two of her favorite bars. All gone.

Then there was were the opening ceremonies. The photo of all the people is from when the introduced the other nominees for the Agatha for Best Novel. they invited us up to get our certificate, so I took Michael's blackberry and asked everyone to wave. This is what it looks like to be nominated. Beside me (who of course you don't see) were Nancy Pickard, heather Webber, Hank Phillippi Ryan and Donna Andrews.

Then eight of us went off for a quick dinner because we had the Best Novel panel last night at 8pm. Then, met my publicist, Sarah, in the front lobby at 9pm, to get the Advance Reader's Copy of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT!!!

I'd been emailed the cover. But I hadn't yet seen and held the actual book. Now, an ARC is slightly different than the actual published book - in terms of format. It's basically for promotion, so it talks about the marketing plan, advertizing, touring, print run - those sorts of things....and then has the book itself. So it really is a collector's item. Sarah gave it to me and I took it to the live auction Malice Domestic was holding.

The book went for 500 dollars! And someone said if I could find another, they'd match that bid. All the money is going to a local fund for children with cancer. So I called Sarah and got another one. 1,000 dollars raised, for 2 books.

then, bed! It was bliss. We lay in bed sipping diet coke, eating potato chips and watching highlights of the Royal Wedding.

Breakfast this morning at a nearby pancake house - about a ten minute walk. Actually surprisingly chilly, but sunny. it was really the wind - but still, milder than Montreal.

Lunch with the publisher of Minotaur Books, Andy Martin, and Sarah Melnyk, the above mentioned publicist. They found a great french bistro! We had duck confit and creme brule. Off to a party in the bar this afternoon at 5:30, celebrating Ruth Cavin, the storied editior at St. Martin's Press, who died a few months ago, at almost 100. And working to the end.

Then the Agatha Awards banquet. If BURY YOUR DEAD wins it'll be 4 in a row. I'm not sure if this is a Canadian thing, but as much as I'd LOVE to win - I'm also very aware of that spree. And feel a little bashful. I'll let you you know what happens! And between us? The wanting to win far outweighs the bashful. Still, it's a great position to be in - I'd also be happy if it was someone else's turn.

Michael flies home tomorrow to Montreal and I have a morning panel, then grabbing a ride to Pittsburgh for the Monday Mystery Lovers festival in Oakmont, PA. Then up to Bradford, PA on Tuesday. Home Wednesday. And then a cannon couldn't get me out of the house.

We've also been watching the reports of the terrible, terrible destruction of those tornados. And those amateur videos...terrifying explosions of transformers as the tornado ate the electrical poles and got closer and closer. And, of course, the stories of survival. And not.

Everyone here, though happy to be together, is aware of the pain and loss, and shock.

Hope you're well. Michael joins me in hoping you and your family and friends weren't affected by the storms.


John said...

Sounds like much fun being had by all, Louise. And, of course, best of luck to you on winning the Agatha (although, if you make it 4 in a row they may have to rename it the Louise!) :-) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I am a new fan of our Inspector Gamache & originally from PA. I would so like to be in either Oakmont or Bradford to see you. Enjoy your trip & good luck tonight.


Anonymous said...

Wow! $1000 raised for two books. How wonderful. Got my fingers and toes crossed for the win tonight. Good luck, but it won't be a big surprise for your readers. Your biggest fans. I'm in Youngstown, and would love to see you, but will be out of town. Maybe another time.
P.BD (an old every sense)

Liz said...

Enjoy your time no matter the outcome. Can't tell you how much I miss Washington,DC (really, Chevy Chase. Had a great time living there, and it all came back yesterday while watching the royal wedding since it put me in mind of our son James' years as a chorister at the National Cathedral. Best of luck; you are a brilliant writer and I think you know that by now.

Susan said...

Thinking about you right about now.....probably receiving your award about this time! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, and the conference seems like a hoot!
Best wishes.