Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Facebook page

overcast, sunny periods. temps 5

Quite nice day actually. A bit of rain, but now the sun's out. I'm in Montreal, while Michael and Trudy hold the fort at home. Fruit flies have bitten the dust. Composter has been moved further from the house - apparently that might have been part of the problem. (d'oh!) Thanks to My Assistant Lise's husband - Del - for lugging the thing across the dog run.

Couple fun pieces of news those of you who do Facebook know - this was the Big Day! At the publisher's suggestion I switched from a personal page to a fan page. Now, the only reason to do this - and it seems a ridiculous distinction to me - is that with a personal page you can only have 5,000 friends. Why? I don't know.

But - and you might already know this - if you have a fan page, well, it can go into the tens of millions, which I anticipate hitting any day now.

We weren't yet at 5,000, but thanks to Marjorie's help (who basically took me from my brother, my niece and a few crack heads playing with a stolen Mac, as friends) to 24-hundred friends...we wanted to make the change before we got really close and it was thrust upon us.

So - welcome to the new fan page. The only difference is that if you go there, it has less content than the old one. Why can't we just bring all the older posts over to the fan page? I don't know.

But to those of you who made the switch - thank you! and welcome. And I hope to make it worth your while by holding contests for advance reader's copies (ARCs) of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT - soon. The publishers are trying to figure out the best way to hold the facebook contest for the arcs. I'll let you know as soon as it's open - in the next few days I hope.

As well - BURY YOUR DEAD has been announced as the One Book, One Community selection for the Waterloo region, in Ontario. Thanks to their very dynamic head librarian, Sharron Smith.

Did a CTV television interview about it this afternoon...which meant getting out of my sweats, wiping the croissant flakes from my face and hoping I didn't have anything (like ink) on my teeth. The downside to chewing pens as I write - or think. As you can see, it's pretty much a crap shoot what you'll get when inviting me to an event.

Off to Quebec City tomorrow afternoon with Susan - to celebrate her birthday, and to do a couple of signings at the Salon du Livres. Will take my laptop and try to blog from there.

Be well, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Went to Facebook and there you were. I am ready for the Conga line and whatever neighborhoods it dances through.

Linda said...

You are such a bright spot in my daily Internet rambles... Thank you, thank you!

Larry Marshall said...

Youpie!! Hope I can get into the Salon de livres when you're signing. Great opportunity to get a signed copy of Still Life in French to go with my English Penny library :-)

Cheers --- Larry

Miss Diane said...

Bon WE à Québec!

Joy in Kabul said...

Great time to make the move, as All Things Bloom New in Spring. :-)

All the best, Louise, and I still owe you a photo of me with my Gamache mug!!

Colombine said...

Votre vie est une ascension perpétuelle... chaque événement arrivant à point nommé, c'est génial! Bravo!

J'ai tellement hâte de lire ce fameux BURY YOUR DEAD en français.
En attendant, j'attendrai les 5 précédents que je pourrai lire à partir de l'été...

Bon w-end à tous!

Ellie from NYC said...

Thank goodness I only have to wait until August for the next bit of deliciousness ... I wolfed down your last book. Chinese food metaphors anyone? I'm still hungry!! Bury Your Dead was really fabulous. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I will see you tomorrow at the Salon du livre de Québec.
I certainly wish you a wonderful time in my City.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hello all,

What fun your comments are....the conga line has brought us to Quebec City. Met you, Renee, today. Hope to see you Larry, tomorrow.

Et merci, Colombine! Le prochaine livres en francais s'appel MORT DE PEUR.

Thank you all, for always being so encouraging.