Sunday, 27 February 2011

The London Times Book of the Week

started sunny, but now overcast. Mild. temps about freezing

But it sure feels like direct and glorious sunshine to me! Oh, my God....did you hear the news! BURY YOUR DEAD has been chosen by the London Times as their Book of the Week! They only choose 52 books a year - out of all the books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, childrens etc published - for this. (Yes, I did the math!)


When I heard I wasn't sure my skin could contain the joy. And the surprise. And the joy. It really was overwhelming.


What this means, I've learned, is that the Times will tout it, but perhaps more importantly one of the major book chains in the UK, WH Smith, gets behind BURY YOUR DEAD. They put it in their windows, nationwide. Put it in the front of the store. And offer discounts on the book when you also buy a copy of The Times.

This goes on all week. And then it's someone else's turn to be excited and promoted. so while it is thrilling, it is also a little enervating. Like suddenly finding myself in a sprint. Though there is some comfort, when I choose to be comforted, in knowing there really isn't anything I can do in the next week.

Such an amazing thing. To be given the use of a magical gift....but only for one week. And we can just hope in that week enough people buy the book to create a following. so while it's exciting, it is also more than a little nerve-wracking.

But in a great way.

What a life. How unexpected it is. In every way.


pamela said...

Not unexpected at all; richly deserved. This book has hit the world running. How exhilarating it is!!!

Lisa May said...

Oh how exciting, one of the world's great newspapers. And how well-deserved! Congratulations! I don't suppose you get invited to London for the whirl-wind week?

Anonymous said...

I just finished "Bury Your Dead" and wonder how long I will have to wait before I can be touched again by these wonderful characters. I miss them already.

Shelagh, from Michigan said...

Great news, Louise. And so well deserved! And W. H. Smith, too as well as the London Times!! Woo hoo!!!

Sally said...

Fabuloso! After your concern about your previous books' "failure to thrive" in Britain - how exciting for you!

Janet said...


You have already created a following in our house. My bride and I are on track, having jumped about a bit. It's now my turn to read STILL LIFE and I am enjoying the ride. I also like listening to the books (as I did with THE CRUELEST MONTH) and wonder when all of your novels will be available in that format. My main source is

Best wishes,


Rebecca said...

Oh yay, marvellous. Does this mean Waterstone's and our public libraries will see the light too?

Do I rush out and buy The Times and another copy of Bury Your Dead? Or several? Now let me think, what birthdays are coming up...? (I weakened some time back and acquired a North American copy.)

Cheryl Bower said...

Found a new text thing from my young nephew.
W T G L.

Way to Go Louise!

Of course, the L changes depending on who you're referring to!!

Liz said...

Wow. When I first started reading your blog, you were often full of self-doubt. But no longer! Well done. You are an amazing person.

Diane said...

Awesome! And so deserved. More and more people should learn about Three Pines, Gamache and characters, their lives will be richer for it and this is another avenue. Well done.

danielle-momo said...

Je suis très heureuse pour vous.
Est-ce que ca vous donne un bon "boost" pour commencer votre nouveau livre demain ?

Anonymous said...

Well deserved! So happy for you.

Donna K said...

This is going to be big!!! (ha)
Congratulations! I wonder who will play Gamache on the tv movie or series??? Favorites??

glenys said...

Wonderful! Congratulations, and may the magic be major :-)

shillelagh said...

Huge Congratulations, Louise.
I'm glad that the Brits are getting on board with "Bury Your Dead".

W T G!!! [as Cheryl's nephew might say]

What a great springboard to catapult you [not literally please] as you start to write "A Trick of the Light".
Back in September when I was enthralled by Gamache's adventures in the Lit and His in "Bury Your Dead", I thought that September 2011 would never come. But now we're half way there. I'm going to spend the next six months waiting for #7 by re-reading the first six. I think that they stand up brilliantly... in fact, I was astonished at all of the detail and insights and intriguing ideas that I hadn't really twigged to in my first reading of "Still Life".
Can't wait for next September.
W! W! W! L.....F
[write! write! write! Louise.... Fast], please.

Jeanine said...

Congratulations,Louise! What can I add that hasn't already been said? No one deserves this as much as work hard for your success and make it look like fun. Most of all, you appreciate it. This is just the beginning!


Dana said...

Do we say "break a leg" to authors? or just God Speed? Hope the writing goes well for you this month and thank you for taking us along.

pierre l said...

I picked up a copy of your book this morning at WHSmith's and then I read on the blurb that you were from Montreal (as I was until 1972). I have just bought a Kindle copy as well because I prefer reading there. I will let you know in due course how I got on.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations Louise
I wonder if any of your many English fans will send you a picture of the book store window?

Trisha said...

I have been "Gamached!" My friend introduced me to Three Pines just 3 weeks ago, and I have read all six books. What a delight--thank you! And fe'licitations on your success in Britain; it's well-deserved.

Trisha said...

What is "monarda butter" (from The Brutal Telling)? Thanks!