Friday, 25 February 2011


snow, windy, mild, temps minus 2

Not quite the storm forecast - but dramatic enough to keep us here in Montreal. We were going to head back to Sutton today, but decided to stay. Had great fun today....a found day. Basically did very little. Except, I wrote the March newsletter.

I quite like writing the newsletter - and it's especially fun when I have time to concentrate and enjoy it. And don't have lots of other things weighing in.

So today, with Michael editing his book, I sat at the coffee table in the living room and sipped cafe au lait and wrote. To be honest, if you follow the blog everyday, there won't be much in there you don't already know (did I mention the Nobel prize, and saving all those orphans from the burning building?)

Yesterday Michael and I did something we love to do in Montreal. We went to a matinee. Barney's Version. The film of one of the great books out there...and certainly one of the finest, and funniest, Canadian books written. It's by the late Mordecai Richler. And is certainly one of my favorite books of all time.

The movie won Paul Giametti (sp?) the Golden Globe for Best Actor. A bit of an upset. But he's marvelous in the role of Barney.

And today, after finishing the newsletter and going out to get salads for lunch and dinner - I put on a favorite DVD. Sleuth.

Have you seen it? My God, it's brilliant. I watch it every couple of years and am always in awe. And keep thinking...'Come on, Louise...think, think. You could write a play like this.' So I sit and think, but all I ever come up with is a play about two men playing increasingly humiliating and deadly games, in an english country house.


Back to Sutton tomorrow. Having dinner with Louise. Then on Sunday we're going to Cheryl and Gary's new home for brunch. While the guys talk, Cheryl and I are going to go into her studio and do a little ritual. A smudging. Inviting all good spirits into her home. And into her studio, where she creates the most magnificent art.

Then, dinner with Bal, Linda and Bethany - in front of the TV - to watch the Oscars. Go Colin Firth! Long may you rule.


danielle-momo said...

Enjoy your week-end
I am with you for Colin Firth

Diane said...

Hi Louise: We had all the weather drama in the Maritimes that you missed yesterday. Bitter cold today, high winds, and shovelling to be done. If there was a heathen spring dance I could perform to entice an early spring, I'd do it!

Going to check out Sleuth - missed that one. Found two more superb recommendations for DVD's awhile back on your blog, so I'm looking forward to popcorn and a movie tonight - should soothe the aching muscles.

Carefree said...

Just to try to read between the lines, Louise; is Cheryl your "model" for Clara in your books? It does sound like a delightful serendipitous day of rest...sometimes we are "forced" to take them in our busy lives.

Linda said...

I think there's a lot of Louise in Clara.

May I say again how "chomping at the bit" am I to read "A Trick of the Light?" It's like being a child in July waiting for Christmas.

Jeanne said...

Which version of Sleuth did you watch, the older version with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine or the newer version with Jude Law in the Michael Caine role and Michael Caine in the Laurence Olivier role?
Both equally very good