Sunday, 28 November 2010


overcast, some flurries, cool, temps minus 3

Did the very last event today! and where better than with Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books? Wish I had some photos, but well, I forgot and so did Michael. But it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the tour. With friends and neighbours. With new people coming to the books for the first time. One couple came from New York City. Most were far more local. Danny and Lucy and their three sons put on an afternoon tea - and mugs of cafe au lait, made up the street by Janet at Cafe Floral.

Earlier in the day Michael and I were with friends Jane and Jack, who had a brunch. Lots of friends and acquaintances there too - and lots of people we'd never met, which is also fun. We can get to the point where we think we've met everyone - and of course we haven't. New blood, as it were.

Yesterday was a bit of a climatological circus. Blizzard. Snow squalls. Whiteouts. Dreadful. The photo shows Michael brushing off the car just as the storm began. By the end it snowed 6 inches. But it was quite odd. When it wasn't snowing fiercely, it was sunny. It came in waves. But while it snowed it was terribly windy and caused white outs. fun, if you're inside looking out at it. Not so much fun if you happen to be inside a car.

Indeed, Danny ended up in a ditch, and hour and a half from home - and had to wait 3 hours for help.

I had to drive 1 1/2 hours to an event in Georgeville. I was more than a little apprehensive. Not frightened - but aware. The problem isn't really the back roads. For the most part the worst thing likely to happen is what happened to Danny - you go into a ditch. But you don't die. The problem was the 30 kilometers of highway 10 I needed to take.

This particular stretch, between the Knowlton turnoff and the Magog turnoff is notorious even in mildly bad weather. In whiteouts it's literally a killer. And is often closed by the Surete during storms.

But wow, did I get lucky. Because the storms were coming in waves, it wasn't constant, and I happened to hit the highway between waves. I can't begin to tell you the relief.

Any of you who live in a snowy climate knows what I'm talking about.

But I made it...through a whitehout on the backroad after the highway - to the lovely village of Georgeville - one of the inspirations for Three Pines. Michael and I spent a couple of summers renting a cottage on Lake Memphremagog, close to Georgeville. The photo above shows the school house and church off the village green.

I was thinking no one would come to the event in Georgeville - having to drive through the weather - but the community centre was filled. At least 60 people. And so friendly and warm.

Then the drive home, after dark. But by then the worst of the snow was over and I got home just find. Went right to bed, with an apple and an orange. So thankful to be back.

And then today. A party at jack and Jane's. And the fabulous party with Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books.

And now it's over. The final event for BURY YOUR DEAD.

I know many of you came out to events and I have to tell you, what a difference you made to me. Giving me all that encouragement. Thank you!

Tomorrow we have Pina's exercise class, then off to Sherbrooke with the Beetle to get winter tires put on (well timed) - then to Hovey manor for two nights - to celebrate the end of a wonderful tour.

I am one happy woman.


mitch said...

I'm so sad!! I was at the cabin in Mansonville this weekend and didn't have internet service. I would have loved to stop by to say hello. I was in Knowlton twice this weekend. Just my luck to have missed you, darn! Congratulations on the completion of your book tour!

Michelle Kim

Liz said...

Congratulations, for finishing your book obligations and getting home safely! Now, are you thinking about what comes next in the writing department. I'd love you to write about what sparks your thoughts for the "next one".

Suzy said...

Enjoy the downtime....and we will all be waiting for the next installment.

Brenda B. said...

Well done, Louise! I'm happy your tour was such a success and that you can tuck in for a few months, consider the well-deserved praise for Bury Your Dead and think about what's next.

Yes indeedy, I well know the heart-in-the-throat feeling of driving in a white-out. There's nothing quite like it. So glad you made it safe and sound.


Brenda B. in Maine

Shelagh, from Michigan said...

Enjoy your well-earned R & R. I drive a 300-mile round-trip once a week to see my Grandchildren (and take them to whichever sport is "in season") year 'round, in Michigan, and I've learned to follow a big truck (safely behind him, of course) during bad snow storms. Those red lights on the back of the trucks are my beacon!! Love the picture of Trudy digging in the snow!

Marni said...

Louise, so happy for you that the tour was such a big success. I agree with Liz: let us in on what sparks the idea that is the thread for the next one. Your readers are waiting!!
Stay warm and have a well-deserved rest whilst you start the next one.

I am having a giant cup of tea from my Gamache mug, courtesy of Brome Lake Books!

VTSlajer said...

Hi Louise, isn't your timing perfect? You have ended the whole and successful run with a (snow) bang! Only a great mystery novel author can do that, I suppose.

Enjoy a little celebration at Manoir Hovey. It's an incredible place. You well deserve a break. I am working my way, little by little, or novel by novel, to Bury Your Dead. So many readers and reviewers call it your best book so far. I can't imagine at all what your next book will be like. We should not be putting any pressure on you but rather wait patiently what you will prepare for us next, when it is ready.

Beth said...

Hooray for you! Is there any better feeling than returning home?

I'm curious: when you give a reading, which passages do you choose to share?

in Oregon

donna said...

Hi Louise: Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all of the pictures you now post with the blog. It really makes us feel we are all with you. Thanks to the wonderful person that designed your blog. She is a genius.
Your friend from Connecticut,

lil Gluckstern said...

Yes, well done, and I too would love to know how you choose what passages you read. I used to drive in everything but not without apprehension, and not anymore.
Enjoy your time without obligations, but i know you will still be busy. Stay warm.

BookWorm said...

How can I ensure Kobo gets "Bury Your Dead" as an ebook? Is it planned? I can't wait!!

Diane said...

Congratulations on seeing what, at the beginning, must have been an enormous task! And, an exhausting one by times, I'm sure. Thanks for letting us travel it with you.

Gamache mugs??? I need to get me one. Does anyone know how or where I might find them?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - reporting in from Hovey. god this feels does reading your gentle and lovely comments.

It's difficult to choose the passages. Because I don't do voices at all well (everyone sounds the same, and they all sound like me) I have to choose sections without dialogue, if possible. And I don't want anything too long since I quickly lose interest when listening to other authors read (though I just love hearing other authors talk about their lives and their choices). For Bury Your Dead I chose two readings, and often alternated them. One was Gamache and Henri walking through the Plains of Abraham and thinking about the mistakes General Montcalm made that lost him him life and the battle. The other is Gamache walking through old quebec city and contemplating the statue of Champlain.

both evocative, I hope, of Gamache's mood and a reflection of the plot. Not, as most of you realize, so much a history lesson but a parallel to current events in the character's lives.

And about the mugs, you can get them through Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books...the email is:

hope that helps!

Beth said...

Yes, thanks. I'm about to dive back into the book!

in Oregon