Thursday, 4 November 2010

Amazon Top 10!!

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Dull day outside - but fabulous day in every other way! I'm feeling all better - thank you SO much for your kind thoughts and support. As I said, I hate having to cancel anything...I know the work people, and particularly bookstores, go through to make an event successful and fun - and then to have the author cancel at the last moment is really awful. so I am very grateful for their understanding.

Fortunately by yesterday I was feeling well enough to head down to Burlington, meet my friend Maddie, the regional head of Barnes and Noble community relations (she lives in Cape cod, lucky one) and her husband Rich for dinner....then off to the B&N in South Burlington for an event. Met lots of you there. Thank you for coming out. I know some of you, including Mrs. C. came from quite a distance!

I just had a wonderful time! And, as a total surprise, Maddie gave me a Nook...their e-reader. I've never used one, but so many people do. Michael is working with it now...we're trying to connect to our wireless using the Nook. Nothing will ever replace paper books for me - but I can see when traveling that this will be amazing. So generous of Maddie.

Arrived home last night and this morning we got the wonderful news that Amazon in the States has named Bury Your Dead one of the Top 10 Mystery/Thrillers of 2010!!!


Off now to give a talk to the Contactivity Centre in Montreal, followed by an interview with The Montrealer Magazine (cover gal for November issue!) Tomorrow I have a taped interview mid-morning with Shelagh Rogers of CBC Radio. And Saturday off to Arnprior, outside Ottawa for an event with the wonderful Andrew Pyper at 1pm at the bookstore there....then flying to London overnight.

A whirlwind...but a happy one.

Thank you again for your kindness and concern when I wasn't feeling well. I so appreciate it. Makes me feel quite comforted. Hope you're feeling well - healthy and happy. If not, I hope you are at least comforted. No small magic there.


Beth said...

Hooray, Louise! I'm sick in bed with the flu today, but the good news keeps rolling in: first, my niece was accepted into nursing school, now you've made Amazon's Top Ten! It's hard to feel crummy on a day like today. :)

lil Gluckstern said...

Glad you are better.It is always a relief when these things leave. I'm really happy for you about Amazon and Bury Your Dead. They really advertise for you a lot. And I bet they sell your books a lot too! Take it easy, as we say in the States.

Anonymous said...

Louise, first of all, so glad you are feeling better. Stomach issues are the worst. I've struggled with a respiratory thing the entire month of October. Seems to be better now, but endless.

Congratulations on the Amazon Top 10. Well deserved.

I just wanted to say that I finished BURY YOUR DEAD about 3 minutes ago.!

My dear friend, you are a true artist of your craft. I am speechless and wondering and enthralled and amazed. And it couldn't happen to a nicer person. Truly. I was able to snag a signed copy of BURY YOUR DEAD from the Poisoned Pen. I hope to be able to get my next signed copy in person! Want to have dinner?? LOL

Best wishes on things to come and I'll be watching for the next adventure from your "neck of the woods". Hugs to you!

vtslajer said...

Bravo - Amazon Top 10 and in a very respectable company! That does not happen every day. This is another piece of excellent news, Louise. Enjoy the limelight but do not forget to take a small siesta once in a while. Hope to meet you at Le salon du livre in Montreal on the 19th or the 20th.

Kaye Barley said...

I'm the one in the corner over here clearing my throat.

Ummm - Louise. I HATE to be one of those people who say, "I told you so." (not really.). Regarding BURY YOUR DEAD? I TOLD you so!

Congratulations on it hitting Amazon's Top 10. SO well deserved, and it makes me very happy, and very proud of you. And I'm awfully glad you're feeling better.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - thanks for your cheers! I can hear them from here. You're so wonderful. And a couple of you cheering from sick beds! I do hope you're recovered soon. No fun at all.

And it sure does feel great to be on the Amazon top 10 for 2010 list. yay!!

Jay Slush said...

hey nice top ten!!
check out my top ten :)