Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Spoke too soon -

overcast, cold, temps 4

Wouldn't you know it! Went to bed last night feeling fine, but tossed and turned and then suddenly....a quick trip to the bathroom. This after I bragged in yesterday's post that I haven't gotten ill on this tour.

Well, I sure got ill last night, and am now in bed staring at the wall. Not sure if it's the flu or food poisoning. Either way I've been hoisted on my petard. (what's a petard?)

But i feel just horrible about having to cancel the event in North Conway tonight! It was going to be at White Birch books and I know they've made lots of wonderful preparations. But since i can barely get out of bed, it's impossible to drive 4 hours there - then 4 hours back (I need to be back in Montreal for 8am tomorrow).

My apologies to White Birch books - and anyone in North Conway who was hoping to come to the event. I will definitely re-schedule, if that works for them.

I was blogging yesterday about a typo in the November newsletter where I called it White Birth...leading to some confusion. But I realize I was very lucky with the typo. It could've been much worse, like White B*tch Books. I feel a bit like that today!!

But I hope to be all better in time for the 7pm event tomorrow in Burlington, Vermont, at the Barnes and Noble.

Today it's flat ginger ale and naps. Remember the fun film The Devil Wears Prada? The Emily Bunt line, 'I'm just one flu away from my goal weight.'? Love that line. Well, I'm about 100 flus away, or perhaps now 99. yay.

And, of course, I feel like a fraud.

But Sarah at Minotaur was wonderful. Called the store. They were very supportive. So I'll just spend the day napping.

Hope you're feeling well.


Kaye Barley said...

oh noooooo.
Hope you're better soonest!!!!

do you get a kick out of the verification words? Mind for your blog today is "pretrot." (i feel a story come on).

Dana said...

I was thinking about you as we drove south on 55 from Quebec. Mountain tops snow covered, but I could not stop hoping you knocked on wood - or something- after relating your good luck with health. My Irish grandmother would say you were tempting fate.
And my verification word is bin grab. Hope you have stopped grabbing bins.

lil Gluckstern said...

How awful, and disrupting. I hope you feel better. I've been to North Conway, and I am sure they will welcome you when you show up. So Authors are people too. Take care.

Jodi said...

Oh dear, hope you feel better soon!

The tummy flus are the worst!

A petard is a bomb.

Larry Marshall said...

"Hoisted by your own petard" is an expression that is often misused (redefined?) by modern culture. A petard is a small explosive, just as it is in French where the word originated. To be hoisted by one is a reference to being blown up by your own explosive. Sometimes food poisoning does feel that way :-)

Cheers --- Larry

Marni said...

Oh, Louise, how awful. I know you must feel terrible about canceling an event on top of not feeling well physically. Iced Gatorade, if you can stand it, will put your electrolytes back in order sooner, says the nurse.

I'm sorry not to be able to give you that hug in person at the Miami Fair, but there will come another time one of these days. In the meantime, enjoy riding this wonderful wave! And feel better quickly~

Linda said...

Dear Louise,
Please feel better soon! I wasn't going to be able to get to No. Conway tonight, so maybe there's still a chance we'll meet someday. I find a good shot of Nyquil does wonders when you're down for the count. Be well.

vtslajer said...

A body of a marathon runner needs a break after the run. You have done more than one marathon recently, and a little rest is then well deserved or required, even if it impedes on the well planned activities. The body knows what it needs and when it needs it. It will ask for it and get it, even at the cost of a temporary shutdown. Been there, done that. Tomorrow is another day, and people will not love you less because of unforeseen circumstance. We can all keep reading in the meantime. Get well and best regards. VT

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

What a riot! I don't see the authorization word - wish I made them up! and god knows, pre-trot was about right for a few hours there. Happily, I'm now post-trot.Grab bin...now that's hilarious too!

Who knew a petard was a bomb? I always thought, if I thought anything, that it was a rear end. Or a verification word.

Thank you all for your support through the short, but sharp, illness. All better now. And I suspect you're right...the body is a little tired.