Wednesday, 11 August 2010

peaceful day

mainly sunny, mild, temps 25

Clearing up and getting warmer. Great sleep last night after the barbeque. As it turned out, in the past they've had a salmon BBQ but have now decided the logistics are just too great - so it was terrific burgers, and salads and fruit, and cake.

Lonnie and Susan - our guardians - came and picked us up, looked after us, and dropped us off. Funny how close you get to people who had been perfect strangers, when thrust together in an event. A shared, unusual, experience. Like a life boat, or fox hole. or literary festival. There're no atheists at lit fests. Actually, I imagine there're quite a few.

Had a lovely day today spent mostly reading.

Oh, about the shouting kids from yesterday afternoon...I spent this morning waiting for them to wake up and shatter the peace. But it didn't come and didn't come. Then when Nancy served our scrumptious breakfast of a sort of bread pudding with cinnamon apples - but first a warm orange and cranberry homemade scone and fresh fruit salad - I asked about the kids. Seems they weren't checking in, but belonged to a couple coming next week...and leaving the kids at home. This is a kids-free Bed and Breakfast. Phew.

I honestly don't mind children...but when I've been longing for peace and quiet, and in this tranquil setting, it just would have been a disappointment to have had someone else's children shrieking around.

But - didn't happen!

Tomorrow's a big day...a six hour private cruise on the b and b's yacht, around the coast, including stopping at a beach accessible only by small boat, and a swim, lunch in the cove, then more yachting. And more suffering!

Then back by 4pm - and checking out of A Place by the Sea B and B (the best B and B we've ever stayed in!!! - as nancy, one of the owners told us when she served breakfast in our 700 square foot suite - if you have a B and B you need to get two things right. The bed, and the breakfast. Seems obvious, ludicrous to even mention, but so few B and B's really get both right. Nancy was made for the hospitality business.)

So - check out of here, and move to the Literary Festival official hotel - the Driftwood Inn, in downtown Sechelt. has the advantage of being walking distance to the fest - which offically beings tomrrow night with a cocktail, followed by Lawrence Hill's event - but the Driftwood hotel, by all accounts, has one major disadvantage.

It's a dump.

So we're lapping up as much luxury as we can get, until we move.

Hope you're enjoying the trip so far! We're having a blast.


Marjorie said...

Darn! I have been waiting for 3 days now to hear all about that salmon and taste it vicariously through you.

Enjoy the Driftwood. Perhaps "dump" will turn out to be a bit harsh. I hope so!

--Marjorie from CT

frouch said...

What a wonderful trip you are making!

And tomorrow night, you will be with Lawrence Hill? Over 25 years ago, I was secretly in love with that wonderful man! In fact, without knowing it, he transformed my life. Hope one day I'll be able to thank him for that. Enjoy you evening, lucky you! XXX

lil Gluckstern said...

Just another lesson to enjoy the good stuff. I've put your photo on my desktop. It is beautiful and peaceful making. Have fun at your event!

Darlene said...

Gee, the Driftwood looks pretty good on their website. Hope it's okay. Right on the water and all.

Do you know if you'll be signing on Saturday? Would it be a good idea for me to bring a book (or two) for the purpose??

Thanks so much.

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