Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Halo Effect

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Quiet day in Montreal, spent reading Michael's manuscript - The Halo Effect - on the balcony. Eating ripe mango. What a fabulous book Michael's written, about screening for childhood cancer and the race to cure neuroblastoma. And how what they learned affects us all, whether it's screening for breast cancer, or prostate, or any kind. He manages to take us into the labs, the bedside, the minds of the doctors and researchers, and the hearts of the patients and parents. It's deeply powerful. With this very intricate structure that appears so natural and normal but in in fact very complex.

Fantastic and very exciting. Am halfway through and had to stop to catch my breath.

Water turned off at the apartment for two hours this morning, so we headed out for breakfast, taking each other's manuscripts with us. After breakfast we ordered coffees and just read for two hours. And used their bathroom!

At noon we returned home, to running water, fresh mangos and a lovely hour or so out on the balcony.

Michael finished reading the book I'm currently writing. Says he loves it...with a few notes on clarifications. So I'm thrilled! I'll read it myself when we head out to BC on the weekend.

Michael spoke to Jacques this morning, had a fun chat. Will keep you informed. Thank you for all your support!


Susan said...

I realized yesterday that the only problem with your new books are ... it takes you so long to write them, and then I gobble them up! Like mangos, or fresh peaches. Hmmm.

Marjorie said...


I'd like to know about the title of Michael's book. Does it have to do with the way that some patients hold doctors in such high esteem it's as though they are wearing halos (angels)? Or is it a medical term? Or something else entirely?

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

I am also interested in Michael's book. I have worked with little ones who had leukemia, and their spirit was amazing. They had a lot to teach us. What a thoughtful, bright couple you are.

Diane said...

Michael's book sounds very interesting. Talent, talent,talent - so much of it in one marriage...hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marjorie said...


I hadn't even thought that it is the children with cancer who are the ones with the halos. Thanks for giving me that perspective.

--Marjorie from CT

Leinda said...

Louise, Thank you for taking the time to write this blog, your newsletter and your wonderful books. It's a pleasure to follow you as you work on the books that I can't wait to read. And thank you for generously sharing your life with us.

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Marjorie-
I think-stress think- the halo effect has to do with how discoveries in one area encompass and can radiate outward to include other areas. Of course, I could be very wrong. I hadn't thought of the kids as little angels, but it fits too! Either way, I think doctors who work with young children are angels, and are doing God's work. Heartrending and so important.

PolioQuad said...

Great title for Michael's book - a reminder of the interrelatedness of community need and solution. Makes me think of Clifford Lo's work in nutrition at Children's Hospital, Boston.

Louise Penny Author said...

I'm so glad so many of you are looking forward to Michael's book! It really is exciting. The Halo Effect is actually a psychological term, first coined in the First World War. It describes how we all look at one thing, then extrapolate. For instance, why are most newscasters attractive? Because we've decided if they're good looking they must also be trustworthy. And smart. That's an example of a 'halo' effect...

You'll love the book - it's brilliant.