Monday, 23 August 2010


sunny, mild, temps 23

Sitting by the pool with Michael and Victor - they're swimming and I'm...not. I just came out from sitting in front of the fireplace. It seems the guys and I are living in different seasons. They're still in summer and I've slipped in to autumn. I'm even in sweats. Still, it's lovely sitting out here.

Haven't blogged for a few days...hectic. Saturday was very busy...drove out, met Susan for breakfast, then drove to Knowlton for the SPCA day. I had two dogs - Daisy and Enya. Daisy is the dog on the left and Enya's on the right. both older, both up for fostering rather than adoption...which basically meant instead of the 280 dollar adoption fee they'd be free, since the spca just wants them to find a nice home to end their lives.

I was thrilled when our friend Hope adopted Daisy! But sadly Enya didn't find a home. In fact, not many did. Last year the spca brought 22 dogs and adopted 17. This year they brought 25 and only found homes for 3. It was a little rainy, so that probably stopped people from coming out.

I have to say, I almost decided to foster Enya, but considering our schedule I realized we'd be away off and on for a while and it wouldn't be fair on her, or Pat and Tony. Or Trudy. Both dogs would need more stability. But it breaks the heart to see all the dogs getting back on the truck. Happily they have a great home at the spca Monteregie in the country.

then off to visit friends - and after that Michael, Victor and I went to the cottage for a late dinner with susan and her friend Liz. Excellent bbq - and lemon posset. yum yum.

sunday was supposed to be just writing but ended up being a whole lot of other stuff too...getting quite stressed. I was saying to my brother Doug that I'm now like a miser, but instead of counting money I pour over my agenda, looking for free days, half days, days when I can just edit. And, God willing, maybe a few days between the fourth draft and the beginning of the tour.

Today loads of visitors - but good stuff. Editing. Influx, infestation almost, of mice. poor things. Furnace cleaner came. Editing. Pat and tony dropped by to show us their terrific new truck. Editing. Susan and Liz coming in about an hour for dinner. bbq. easy. Still have five more pages to edit before then. off to montreal tomorrow for press launch of En plein coeur - at a great restaurant in Old Montreal. Then some interviews, in French - then home, via Granby to visit Jacques and Louise in hospital.

Hoping to get more editing done Wednesday. I sometimes feel quite stressed....and have to take a step back and realize even if this book isn't finished, it's not the end of the world. the end of the world looks quite different than an unfinished manuscript, and sitting by the pool.

I need to remember that.

Be well - will blog again when I get the chance...but I do think of you through the day. Please keep speading the word about Bury Your Dead. I'd LOVE for this book to do well! thank you.


Dana said...

Dear Louise,
Please have fun. Take many steps back. Even if it means dropping the blog for a few days - or even a week.
Bury Your Dead will be your biggest success ever. None of US have any doubts.

Robin Agnew said...

BURY YOUR DEAD will be a smash, I'm sure of it. Can't believe you're worried about it, it's a wonderful book.

Mary said...

Breathe!!! Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I mentally float way above the earth & get some perspective - rather like your end of the world image. All will be well.Mary

Linda said...

Dear Louise,
Please take a breath! Just reading about your schedule sends me to the sensory deprivation tank. We can't have you burning out now! I found an excerpt from Bury Your Dead, and it grabbed me from the first. Now I REALLY can't wait. And they're queuing up at my library as well. It will be wonderful. Enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

In my business, I present a product that the consumer either accepts or rejects. Of course, I am invested in them wanting the product for my own success. The product is necessary, but not something I have created, so the rejection does not sting.

Writing or any other artistic endeavor requires so much of one's soul, that I can understand the heightened anticipation and anxiety. The artists, chefs,musicians, and writers that speak to my heart, all seem to be willing to let us catch a glimpse of their inner most being. Their love of their craft is poured full fledge into the creation.

Oh how scary for you, and oh how wonderful for us. It is truly sublime, the relationship between artists and admirer. Hang in there, all will be well.

Jill In Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh Louise, you are doing so much, so well, in so many places!! If I learned one thing in a lifetime career of nursing; it's that sometimes you really need to care for yourself before you can lift up the lives of others. Maybe step back a bit,breathe,steal a piece of time for rest & croissants:) and know that your amazing talent is lifting up so so many. Bury Your Dead will be a triumph, a joy and an uplift for all of us. We will think of you in September on our yearly trip to Quebec..Thank You so much, now rest a bit!
Rod & Anne in Staatsburg

Marcia said...

I have to leave a note saying how much I'm enjoying my advanced readers' copy of Bury Your Dead. You will all be amazed at how Louise can make this magic yet another time! The most important part of these books for me is the development of relationships and the complexity of those combined souls—if you agree with me, you will NOT be disappointed in this book! Let's just say that life has made some "strange bedfellows"—or at least interesting dinner table companions—in Bury Your Dead!

Mercedes said...

Louise - I just finished reading Alan Bradley's The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. It was thrust into my hands by a friend. An eleven-year old girl with a passion for chemistry as the protagonist? Not promising. Not promising at all. That's before I met Flavia de Luce. I read Alan Bradley's acknowledgement to you: "Louise truly knows how to 'give back' for the things she has received." Just thought that your blog fans should know about this book and its connection to you in case they don't already. Mercedes in Arizona

Chèli said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Bury Your Dead will be a great success, I loved it! One of only 2 books I've given 5 out of 5 stars!

Yur writing only gets better. Thank you so much for these great books.
Cheli's Shelves

Louise Penny Author said...

Hello, all...

How generous you are in your comments! Thank you. I think I just need to sprint ahead, so I can collapse into sloth when it's finished. Just a few more days, I keep telling myself.

thank you for hanging in there with me! And I'm so glad you"re enjoying Bury
Your Dead.