Friday, 20 August 2010

Merde - in a good way

sunny, cool, temps 22

Lovely day - set alarm for 6:30 - made cafe au lait - and sat down to to page 70 of draft 4. Surprised how much I'm liking this book - and this part of the process. Also surprised how many small, but now apparently important, changes I'm making. Not to whodunit - but more fleshing out the themes and intertwining them. Love this stage, as long as the rest of the story and the characters are strong.

Worked until noon - then called Susan for a French refresher. Then got dressed...was going to wear a white skirt and blue blouse - but then realized this was going to be taped and played in late not to look too summery. So I scoured the clothes I had in Montreal and found a tweed blazer, and quite nice scarf, a top and some appropriate jewelry. So that worked out.

Then left...decided to give it an hour to walk across the city. Lovely day, and walking clears the head...I can think, or not. Practice my French. So I mumbled my way across this fine city. But needed to cab the final few blocks since it was a little further than I thought. And while the tweed was good for a while, with vigorous walking it did get a little hot. Thought it would be a shame to have 'perfected' my French only to be all red and sweaty in the interview.

Arrived in good time - was shown through these labyrinthine passages at TVA until we finally arrived at the studio. The make-up woman was lovely. English. Though we had strick instructions to practice French, as soon as the door closed we yakked away in English. Though it would have hardly been the first time I'd have carried on a conversation in French with someone only to realize at the end that they were English too.

then it was time for the interview. These people at Le Livres Show are wonderful. Having been a host on CBC Radio for many years I can spot people who are pros - and who genuinely care...and those who are neither. Marie-Josee, and Josee the host were very comforting - really worked to make me, and the other guest Anne, at ease.

And it did go well!! Of course, they didn't ask any of the questions Susan and I prepared...but all that practice helped a lot.

I'm always afraid I look like a moron...but we'll see. Lots of people will see! It will be played quite a few times in September, and I'll put a link up when I can.

Thank you for all your moral support.

Getting up at 6 tomorrow...heading to Sutton - breakfast with Susan in Sutton then doing the farmers market - then off to Knowlton for the SPCA day.

Spending Sunday and Monday writing...ahhh. Can hardly wait. Two days to do nothing other than write. heaven.


Darlene said...

It must be so nervewracking doing interviews, meeting strangers, presenting yourself and your work -- but -- seeing your professionalism at work at Sechelt, and in a prior year at the Granville Island International Writers' Festival, it's as if you trained for this part of being an author long ago. And please know from an audience perspective, even if you feel like Jello on the inside, no one would ever know. I'll bet (you were) c'est magnifique.

lil Gluckstern said...

You always triumph, because you never phone it in. You work hard at what you do, and make it look so easy. Enjoy your "heaven" while you can. I am looking forward to the fruits, as it were, of your labors.

Jodi said...

@Louise, do you have a recipe for that lemon custard and the corn? Hungry readers want to know!