Monday, 13 August 2012

Bury Your Dead - redux

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Off to Montreal today. Am taping an interview tomorrow with Sunday Edition - a big CBC Radio national programme - talking about THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. Set my alarm to get up early, to get a few hours editing in before driving in to the city.

Olympics are over (and were fabulous - congratulations London and all of the UK!!!)- my second draft is underway - feels like another stage of life is unfolding.

I realize this might be a little confusing to some who've arrived to these posts late. What I talk about editing the next book, I don't mean THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. That's all done - edited,printed, bound and ready for the August 28th launch. The book I'm writing/editing is the next one. Hoping to have the second draft done before going on tour. But in anticipation, and celebration, of the launch of THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, I've been looking back at the previous Gamache novels, and pulling some favorite quotes. Today - BURY YOUR DEAD, and two excerpts -

“Gamache walked toward the Château, past the large statue in the middle of the small park. The Monument de la Foi. A monument to Faith. For Québec had been built on Faith. And fur. But the city fathers preferred to raise a statue to martyrs than to a beaver.”

“He yanked open the heavy wooden door and entered the Literary and Historical Society, where the Anglos kept and filed and numbered all their ghosts.”

Two weeks from now I'll be on a flight to Chicago, for the official launch, August 28th, of the next book - THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. Yay!


Carol said...

Really in Chicago? Where?

Lori said...

Just saw the new movie "Hope Springs" with Meryl Streep.
At one point she goes into a bookstore. Behind her I saw, a little fuzzily, a book that clearly said Louise Penny,
but also looked like the cover for The Beautiful Mystery.
Is that possible?

lil Gluckstern said...

I am so enjoying your "redux." Makes me hunger for "the Beautiful Mystery" even more.

Donna K Wisconsin said...


Your past book quotes are worthy of pulling out. I can actually reacll where they were in the story ..there is so much worth in them. oh, i suppose you knew that??? I wonder if I'd ever have the courage to
wait til a stormy day to read your next one? To savor it in that way?
nah..seems like a punishment. Donna
donna k

John said...

Carol, check out Anderson's Bookshop website for the signing schedule; it will be held in Naperville on the campus of North Central College.

Louise, I can hardly wait! See you then!


Ann from Boston said...

I am number 29 on 9 copies of The Beautiful Mystery at the Boston Public Library wait list. Really looking forward to it.

Marcia said...

When will you reveal the title of the next book?