Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Writing on the web - woe

sunny, fresher....no storms, but humidity has broken.

Family reunion is over....always so sad to see them go. Sad, too, to contemplate the mountain of laundry!

Getting closer and closer to launch date (Aug 28th) and tour for THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! One month from today I'll be traveling from RJ Julia bookstore in Madison, CT to Odyssey bookstore in South Hadley, MA. Today, in anticipation of Book 8 coming out, I'm continuing the look back at previous books. We're up to book 5 - THE BRUTAL TELLING. Here's a scene from the cabin in the woods -

“A glittering caught his attention. Up high. In the farthest corner of the cabin. Was it eyes? Picking up his piece of wood Agent Morin crept closer, crouching down. As he approached the corner the glitter began to form a pattern. It was a spider’s web, just catching the soft glow of the lamp. But there was something different about it. As his eyes adjusted the hair on the back of his neck rose.
A word had been woven into the web.

So fun looking back - and fun looking forward. And wonderful being right here, right now. Preparing to start the second draft of the next book after a month 'off'. Hope you're enjoying your summer! Thank you for your company.

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Chris Nicholson said...

Love your books, one quick note, the Kepler's event is taking place in Menlo Park, not SF (as it says on your website).

To those of us who live here it's the difference between saying the event is in Montreal rather than Three Pines (almost).

Can't wait to meet you!