Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Cover!!

overcast, light rain, temps plus 9

Wow - so mild. I'm still waiting for winter, and here we are actually in spring. We're 'sugaring-off' here, and no, that isn't a euphemism for something Ruth might say. Go sugar off! It's the maple syrup season...when the sap runs in the trees. Very traditional here - there're the cabane a sucres, the sugaring-off parties. All the traditional foods, including 'tire' on snow (though snow is becoming hard to find!)

Very fun time - wish I could say especially for children, but adults love it just as much.

But the VERY fun news for me, as you can see, is that Minotaur Books has come up with the cover for the next Chief Inspector Gamache book. THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY will be coming out August 28th - and this is the cover.

When Andy Martin, the publisher, sent it to me I admit, I hesitated before opening the attachment....very scary. Very important. Critical in fact....to get a cover that's compelling, beautiful, subtle, but makes a statement....and that reflects the tone of the book.

Extremely difficult to get it right.

But as soon as I opened it I knew they'd nailed it! Thanks to David Rotstein, the designer. He also did A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. And as much as I adored that book, and the astonishing blue of the cover, and the might of the moon - I believe I like this cover for THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY even more.

The fresh greens of the forest...but mostly, of course, the soft light. Anyone who's spent time in the woods knows that light, as it comes between the leaves and branches. Not a perfect, glaring light, but diffuse. It is at once inspiring, but also makes the darkness all the darker.

He's captured the duality in the series, and in THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY in particular. What Gamache finds, in that remote monastery. And the terrible outcome, for Gamache and for the monks.

I think it also helps that my name is getting bigger and bigger (not that I would notice that sort of thing...my agent told me. Honest)

I'm SO looking forward to having you read it!

I know, too, that I've said this before, and I'll be saying it many more times....but if you could tell others about THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY and the series, I'd be deeply grateful! I know you've already spread the word - thank you so much! But if you could post a comment on websites, or a review, or somehow get word out to the hundreds of thousands (millions) who've never heard of the books, that would be amazing.

How lucky I am to have you as a reader, and championing the Gamache books! I can hardly wait to have THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY in your hands! August 28th.

Oh, and you can pre-order it now, online or at your bookstore.


Terry L said...

Looking forward to it, Louise. You've set the bar high for yourself with the previous Three Pines mysteries and I'm sure you'll come through for us again.

The monastery setting is particularly interesting for me as one of my favorite places around here is the Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of Gethsemani near Louisville, KY, which I visit regularly. I was fortunate to have met and chatted with Trappist monk Thomas Merton (Fr. Louis)once in the 60's when I was visiting there.

My wife's office is in the Thomas Merton Center in the Bellarmine Univ. library and we have about 90% of his personal writings and items housed there. Open to researchers and the public, it is worth visiting if you are interested in TM, his life, and his writings.

Pax, y'all.

Michele said...

I agree, it's a beautiful cover. I've bought many books because the cover art led me to them. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Congratulations.

John said...


Just an astonishingly beautiful cover; the designer really did a marvelous job. With the cover revealed the book becomes even more real to me as a reader/fan, and I will be full of anticipation (you have not let me down yet!) during the coming months until release day! I have said it before, but it bears repeating, thank you for sharing your awesome gift with us!


(aside to Terry: I am a big Thomas Merton fan and I look forward to a retreat at Gethsemani some time; what a blessing to have met the man!)

genagirl said...

I recommend your books to everyone who asks me for a "good book"!!!

Karen said...

Dear Louise, when I read your daily comments, I feel so much yearning to be where you live, and getting to go to sugaring off parties, and all the lovely bistros and eateries. You live in a wonderful place, and you deserve all the beauty that surrounds you. I was delighted with your new book cover: It looks so inviting, calling us to gently open up to the first page and the first words which will lead us to a place you have taught us to love, amongst people who are so real, and so loved by us readers, even though some make us a bit nervous! I am pre-ordering the book asap, and thank you for your writing and your sharing the experiences of being both an author and a very interesting lovely person!

Sue Mom of Two said...

I also recommend your books to anyone who asks. But, oh my goodness, how am I EVER going to wait until August 28th?

Judy said...

That cover is truly beautiful. I love your books so much, and this captures the sorrow and the beauty in all of them.

Every friend I have recommended your books to has loved them and proceeds to read them all. I can't wait for the new one!

Beth said...

Oh, lovely! My birthday is coming up and this will go to the top of my wish list, along with a glowing description of why your books are my must reads.

Thanks for allowing us to share in the journey, and the fun.

xxx Beth

Barb said...

Of course, I'll be buying the latest book, both in hardcover and for my Kindle, love them and recommend them to everybody. I will say, though, that the last two covers have just been "okay" in my ratings system. But then, I don't buy the books for the cover. :D

Daryl Edelstein said...

Off to pre-order and will tell my blog readers about it on Friday when I blather ..

cathyj said...

Have already ordered two!

danielle-momo said...

This cover: WOW!
Je suis très impatiente de lire ce nouveau livre qui est déjà commandé.

Barbara said...

This cover would inspire me to pick up the book and look at it even if I didn't know who Louise Penny is. Since I definitely do, I'm greatly looking forward to it.

lil Gluckstern said...

Beautiful cover. This artist captures the light shining through the shadows, as it were. Eagerly awaiting the book!

Anonymous said...

I hate to wish the months away but August can not get here soon enough! Congratulations on the awards that are coming!
Karen L.

Colombine said...