Monday, 26 March 2012

Armand is alive!

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Armand Gamache has survived the CanLit Hunger Games, and it's all because of you!!!! You did it! Thank you, thank you. All your voting, all your getting the word out. All that energy and passion to keep him alive. Especially after that VERY strong finished by Anne of Green Gables.

Wow - what a thrilling week or so, as tribute after tribute fell. As the lead see-sawed among Joseph Boyden's Xavier Bird, Anne Shirley and Armand Gamache. Back and forth, back and forth.

But you came through for the Chief Inspector - putting him over the top! The final tally?

Gamache: 42.18 percent
Anne Shirley: 33.23 percent
Xavier Bird: 24.58 percent

Anne of Green Gables supporters, her main champions, on Prince Edward Island were very gracious in defeat, congratulating the Chief. And I happen to know he felt horrible about what he faced. Indeed, he asked me to pass on this statement of thanks:

What a horrific experience this has been, trapped and having to combat men and women whom I so admire. Anne Shirley, a favorite of my own daughter Annie. Xavier, who fought so bravely. Flavia and Scott and so many others. I'm keenly aware that the only reason I won was because of the support, the passion, the dedication of so many voters. I could feel them, cheering me on, giving me courage when my own flagged. Alone, I am nothing. This victory belongs to the team. Reine-Marie joins me in saying, thank you, thank you, merci. Vive les lecteurs. Long live reading and readers! And long live Canadian literature! Armand Gamache, Chief Inspector of Homicide for the Sûreté du Québec

I also want to thank you. I couldn't quite believe just how emotional I felt about this. At first it was great to know Gamache was included in the Canadian literary Hunger Games. But as the days went by, I became more and more engaged - and wanted him to win...the thought of Gamache dying out there was horrible.

so my gratitude to you goes beyond simple words. I could also feel your emotions - and commitment. How lovely, yet again, to know we're not alone. And this is a great example of the power of collaboration - of a team.

Vive Gamache. Vive the readers who have kept him alive.


Colombine said...


And Mr. Gamache : Vous êtes un homme charmant et raffiné et vous avez su vous entourer d'adeptes de vos histoires. La bataille est parfois rude, il faut user de ruse et vous avez sans doute su le faire.
Vos lecteurs vous remercient d'être vous-même. Congratulations for your victory! And long life to you and Reine-Marie!!

Renee said...

Dear Louise,
I do think that our dear Gamache would have figured out how to get everyone out without being killed. He struggles so much with friends dying that it would be impossible for him to complete this contest without saving some others with him.
Congratulations Louise on having the very best character.

VT Slajer said...

Hi Louise, this is more great news. The overnight flight to London will be even more bearable having another winner. Please remember us, the readers of your books and this blog while in Europe. I am curious to hear, for example, how was your (and Michael's) first true full English breakfast - still remember the post and pictures from last year. Bon voyage.

Reine said...

You know we love Gamache! How could we ever let him down!

Anonymous said...

Way to go , Gamache. Anne was my first love - Anne is from the 'Gentle Island' so wouldn't have been tough enough.

lil Gluckstern said...

So happy for Armand and Marie-Reine! Makes your trip so much the more pleasurable.

Debi said...

I love this blog! I am fairly new to the Gamache novels, and I am so sad that I've caught up, and read them all. Now I'm anxiously waiting with the rest of the readers for the next one. I am from midwestern US (Michigan to be exact), and I do not speak French. Could someone please tell me how to pronounce Armand's wife's name? Thank you!

Debi said...

Oh- and congratulations to Armand for his victory! And I agree with Renee who said he would've figured out a way to get all of his friends out with him. Ms. Penny - you are a genius with your characters!

donna said...

Note to Debi - I just caught up with the postings of the last few days and saw that no one responded to your question about the pronunciation of the names. Go to Louise's home page and look at the top for the pronunciation guide - you will love it - you will actually get a chance to hear Louise's voice. I believe Gamche's wife's name is closest to saying "wren marie" (like the bird). Have been following Louise for years and love her books.

Debi said...

Donna - thank you so much! Excellent tip! And I guess I'm better at French than I thought, as that is how I've been saying it in my head. Again - thank you for taking the time to respond to my question - much appreciated!

Beth said...

Dear Louise,

It's odd how relieved I feel to know that our dear Gamache came through victorious.

Now I can relax while you and Michael are off on your lovely trip.

xxx Beth