Friday, 16 March 2012

The CBC Bookie and CanLit Hunger Games

torrential rains - temps plus 8

Unseasonably mild - but that has become the new normal. And we are approaching spring, after all!

Lots of fun things happening - including that we just found out that A TRICK OF THE LIGHT has been nominated for a CBC Bookie Award. Every year the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation nominates what it considers the best books in a number of categories....including mystery/thrillers. A Trick of the Light is among them.

But the fun twist, is that the CBC then opens it up for voting, so that readers get to choose the actual winners! Which means - if you'd like, you can go to the site and vote for A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. And - God bless 'em - we can vote every day! You'll see the results change through the day, on a percentage basis. Since I was about a week late finding out, and only now getting the word out, I'm afraid we really need your ongoing support until the contest ends on March 31st.

Having said that, when you see the shortlist in the 'mystery' category you'll know that all of the books deserve to win. However...

So - here's the link... I think it works.... if not, you can google CBC Bookie 2012, and that should get you there....scroll down to the Mystery category.

And - as though that wasn't excitement enough - there's a really cool contest also on at the CBC website. This is a nod to The Hunger Games film....

What they've done is chosen 24 Canadian literary characters, and pitted them against each other. 12 male and 12 female. And Armand Gamache is among them. fighting for his life! Every day, we get to vote for whichever character we think will/should win. And everyday one of them is killed off.

So far, Armand survives - but his percentage of survival is pretty low...yikes.

Soooo - once again, I'm asking for your vote. This one is mighty fun! Here's the link for the CBC Canlit Hunger Games -

Again, if it doesn't work, perhaps you can find it through googling...sorry for the extra work. I do realize you might just have other (even better) things to do with your time! But I thought I'd bring this to your attention.

This is really a brilliant idea someone at CBC had! A way to make reading fun, bring characters alive, and bring some books and series and characters to people's attention who might not be aware of them. And make reading a delight and not something stuffy.

Thanks for your help!


Colombine said...

That's it. It's done, dear Louise!

J'ai voté tant pour TRICK OF THE LIGHT que pour ARMAND GAMACHE!!

Good luck!

Nancy said...

Will vote, as often as possible for both. Just catching up on your blog after having been in Sutton skiing. Well with the weather had one really good day but enjoyed the food, bakery/rumeur affirme (love that place but had to wait for Wed for la tarte au sirop d'erable we were not disappointed)! Upon my return I heard that the broadcast with Sheila Rodgers had taken place so I downloaded it and listened to is on my walk today. Now as I read your blogs I will hear your voice. Thank you so much for sharing a part of you.

Anonymous said...

We love Inspector Gamache and want him to win . . . But what a temptation to root for Anne Shirley.

darlene said...

Done and done! Of course A Trick of the Light is a winner and of course Armand knows better how to survive than anyone. This is exciting!

Anonymous said...

Armand is at the top of the list!!!

Anonymous said...

I am interested to know if Ruth Zardo is really a poet, or someone richly woven into the story tapestry?